Current Students

Pacific Technical And Further Education

Academic Advisors

College of Arts 
& Humanities


College of Business, 
Tourism & Hospitality


College of Science, Technology
 And Environment


Susan Sela
Email: sela_s(at) 

Salote Rokotogalevu
Email: rokotogalevu_s(at) 
Phone: 3231226

Alelia Nagatalevu
Email: nagatalevu_a(at) 
Phone: 3237194

Merle Takinana
Email: takinana_m(at)  
Phone: 3237181

Titilia Ledua
Email: tekerau_t(at) 
Phone: 3237117



Pasirio Kitione
Email: kitione_p(at) 
Phone: 3232805

Parijata Singh
Email: parijata.singh(at) 
Phone: 3237190

Jone Ledua
Email: ledua_j(at) 
Phone: 3237146

Sumasafu Sivo
Email: sivo_s(at)
Phone: 3237123





Dennis Sen
Email: sen_d(at) 
Phone: 3231225

Imtiaz Ali
Email: imtiaz.ali(at) 
Phone: 3231388

Abitara Takinana
Email: takinana_a(at) 
Phone: 3237133

Rehana Bibi
Email: bibi_r(at) 
Phone: 3237191

Bale Kurabui
Email: kurabui_b(at)
Phone: 3237133

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