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Associate Professor in Physics

  • Email: raturi_a(at)
  • Telephone: +679 32 32430
  • Facsimile: +679 32 31511/ 32 31538
  • Postal: School of Engineering & Physics, USP, Private Mail Bag, Laucala Campus, Suva, FIJI ISLANDS.





M.Sc (Physics) 1978 ,   PhD   Indian institute of Technology, Delhi- 1984

Work experience

IIT Delhi 1984-87, University of Nairobi (Kenya) 1987-98 and PNG University of Technology (Papua New Guinea) 1998- 20th May 2007. Short term consultant with SEFP, World Bank

Research Interests

Renewable Energy –Materials and devices: Dye sensitized solar cells, Thin film solar cells, , Smart window materials, Biofuels. RE policy development, e-learning

Have supervised 10 masters students,  ~ 30 Papers in international journals and conference proceedings. Book chapter and technical reports


International Solar Energy Society ( ISES) , WREC, Rotary Club

Recent Publications:
Atul Raturi and Yoheni Fepuleai: Photosynthesis in a test tube- Dye sensitized solar cells as a teaching tool, Renewable Energy 35(2), 1010 (2010).

Vikash Reddy and Atul Raturi: Optimization and sensitivity analysis of a PV/wind/diesel hybrid system for a rural community in the Pacific, Applied Solar Energy (Springer) 46 (2), 152-156 (2010).

Monishka Narayan and Atul Raturi: Deposition and Characterization of Titanium Dioxide Films Formed by Electrophoretic Deposition, International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation (IJMATEI), Inderscience, (In Press).

Atul Raturi: Feasibility study of a solar water pumping system, Applied Solar Energy (Springer) 47 (1), 16 ( 2011)  

Monishka Narayan and Atul Raturi: Investigation of some common Fijian flower dyes  as photosensitizers for dye sensitized solar cells , Applied Solar Energy ( Springer) 47 (2), 2011 (In press)


Renewable Energy Development and Carbon Trading: Clean Development Mechanism Prospects for Pacific Island Countries. Download Slides Presented on 05/08/2009 at Marine Studies Lecture Hall, Lower Laucala Campus, USP

Recent Conference presentations
A K Raturi and R. Mario: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Pacific Island Countries: Seventh Meeting of GFSE, Vienna, Austria, November 2007.

Atul Raturi: CDM and the Pacific Island Countries: Opportunities and challenges: JICA TV seminar, Suva, Fiji Islands, October 2008

Atul Raturi: Energizing Fiji Islands: ADB Energy and Climate Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand, March 2009.

Atul Raturi: Overview of energy requirements and the status of renewable energy in PICs. International Renewable Energy symposium, USP, Suva, Fiji Islands. September 2009.

Atul Raturi: Biofuels and carbon trading; Sustainable Energy Resources Workshop, USP, Suva, Fiji Islands, December 2009

Atul Raturi: Lighting Up the Pacific - How to bring energy to remote communities through household level, off-grid renewable energy installations, Invited Speaker as Renewable Energy Expert, Climate Parliament Hearing, Lautoka, Fiji Islands. October, 2010.

R. Nand and Atul  Raturi: Design and Techno-Economic Analysis of a Grid Connected Photovoltaic System, SORET, FNU, Suva, Fiji Islands. October 2010.

Shivneel Prasad, A.Kumar and Atul Raturi: Software design of Solar-Wind Hybrid Systems. International Conference on Renewable Energy and Climate Change: Focus on the Pacific (ICRECC2010), Suva, Fiji Islands. December 2010.

Atul Raturi: A Grid-connected PV systems for the USP lower Campus: Design and Economics. International Conference on Renewable Energy and Climate Change: Focus on the Pacific (ICRECC2010), Suva, Fiji Islands. December 2010.

Monishka Narayan and Atul Raturi: Fabrication and Characterization of Bougainvillea spectabilis based on Dye Sensitized Solar Cell. International Conference on Renewable Energy and Climate Change: Focus on the Pacific (ICRECC2010), Suva, Fiji Islands. December 2010.

Atul Raturi* and Katerina Syngellakis: Renewable Energy Development and Carbon Trading: Options for the PICs. International Conference on Renewable Energy and Climate Change: Focus on the Pacific (ICRECC2010), Suva, Fiji Islands. December 2010. (* Invited Speaker)

Monishka Narayan and Atul Raturi: Fabrication and Characterization of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis based Dye Sensitized Solar Cell. Accepted for presentation- World Renewable Energy Congress 2011, Linkoping, Sweden, May 2011.

Book  Chapters / Reports
Renewable energy and Rural Development in Papua New Guinea; in Social Factors in Renewable Energy Use: The Pacific Experience: V.Naidu and T.Wood (eds.), UNESCO (In press)

Science Plan on sustainable energy; International Council for Science Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ICSU-ROAP), 2009 (Ed. D. Gardiner)

Pacific Environment and Climate Change Outlook (PECCO) Report for UNEP: GEO-5: Chapter on ‘GHG Emissions’ and ‘Energy (Renewables)’


1.    ASTAE (World Bank) reports (2006):
(i)    Status of CNO in power generation and industrial use 
(ii)    CNO use in PNG : A travel report: 

2.    FDC – Pacific Renewable Energy Microfinance (PREM) Project: Training Manual (multiple authors), 2009

3.    Mid Term Review Report: IUCN-EESLI project (Yves Renard and Atul Raturi)- Published by IUCN, 2010
4.    Presentations/ reports for CD4CDM (UNEP ) (Atul Raturi) 2011  :

i.    Clean Development Mechanism – the basics

ii.    CDM Cycle and role of governments

iii.    Key Concepts in CDM project cycle
iv.    CDM projects; concrete examples

EXTERNAL (International) FUNDING SECURED since 2007 at USP, Suva, Fiji Islands
•    Co-PI:  French funded project ( F$ 16,000): An RE  hybrid system based lighting system  at USP, Suva, Fiji
•    Received a USD 21,000 grant from the US Embassy for A 1.2 kW PV system to be installed at USP, Suva, Fiji.
•    Member of the FSTE (SEP) team that secured USD 2 Million  S. Korean funding for Renewable energy project entitled ‘A renewable energy generation, resource assessment, and capacity building program for sustainable economic development of the Pacific Island Countries (PICs) ( my component - installation of a 48 kW grid connected PV system at USP)
•    Two renewable energy projects worth Euro 40,000 – Funded by the French Government.
•    ‘Development of a community scale solar water pumping project’ - USD 10,000 - Funded by Taiwan Government.


•    Chair, Mitigation Working Group, Second National Communication (Fiji).
•    Member, Technical Committee, Fiji Carbon trading Board. Fiji.
•    Member, Technical Committee, Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation, Suva, Fiji Islands.
•    USP representative to Pacific Energy Oversight Group (PIOG) and Pacific Energy Advisory Group (PEAG)

Semiconductor devices, Thin Films Growth and Characterization, Thin Film Solar Cells, Photoelectrochemical cells, Materials for Solar Energy applications (Photovoltaic and Photothermal), Solar Sizing, Renewable Energy Technologies and Policies, Capacity building.

Training and Education:

CDM and renewable energy:
• Resource person: Inception workshop for the component Capacity Building for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under the EU-ACP / UNEP project: Suva, Fiji: 25th to 29th May 2009
• Web based courses, Sustainable energy and climate change education and policy development. 

Physics Outreach:
•    Regular talks at schools, road shows and newspaper articles etc.
•    Awareness seminars on Physics and RE in current affairs
•    Latest one conducted on ‘Japan Twin-disaster’

•    Solid State lighting for rural development
•    Application of RET Screen and HOMER software for feasibility studies of renewable energy projects.
•    Renewable energy potential and scenarios in Pacific Island Countries.
•    Dye-sensitized nano-crystalline solar cells. Fabrication and characterization
•    Clean Development Mechanisms – Studies on feasibility of projects


Monishka Narayan:         Fabrication and characterization of dye sensitized solar cells 
using locally occurring plant dyes - 2011

Ravinesh Nand :    Design and techno-economic analysis  of a grid-connected
Photovoltaic power system- 2011

•    Foundation for Development and Cooperation (FDC), Australia:  Micro-financing Mechanism for energy in the Pacific Region,- Training manual and workshop
•    Asia-Pacific Office of the International Council for Science (ICSU):  Member, Sustainable Energy Working Group, Wrote a document on Renewable Energy together with 6 other experts from the region. Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.
•    UNSW School of Photovoltaic and renewable engineering: Sydney, Australia.-Co-supervision of graduate students.
•    JICA : Collaboration on CDM training
•    UNEP-Riso Centre: Capacity building workshops on CDM.

NEWSPAPER  ARTICLES  and MEDIA (selected) activities since 2007 till date
•    Interview on Youth radio, Vienna, November 2007
•    Article promoting Earth Day: Make it energy saving day, Fiji Times, March 2008
•    Article promoting Renewable Energy: Let there be light, Fiji Times, April 2008
•    A talk-back show on Fiji radio on Climate Change and renewable energy, April 2008.
•    Article promoting Renewable Energy programmes and its scope: Opportunities in Energy Sector, Fiji Times, June 2008
•    Article promoting Sustainable development:
•    Recipe for Sustainable Development; Fiji Times July 2008
•    Fiji TV Prime Time News Coverage of presentation, Sept.2009.
•    Interview- Radio Australia,  In the Loop programme, Topic- Renewable Energy, October 2009.
•    Fiji TV Brief interview for Prime Time News Coverage, Sept.2009, Dec.2010, Jan. 2011
•    Mai TV coverage of CDM workshop conducted for PICS (a consultancy for UNEP Risoe centre)
•    Newspaper interviews (Fiji Times and Fiji Sun) on CDM workshop, 25th Jan. 2011.
•    Documentary Interview Invitation by Zacola Cultural Development – Initiative supported by Hong Kong Government (24th March 2011)
•    Newspaper interviews (Fiji Times 23rd, 24th and 27th March 2011) and Fiji TV interview on 24th March 2011: Topic Tsunami and Nuclear radiation

1.    Expert Reviewer ; Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate
    Change Mitigation (SRREN)-IPCC
2.    Member International Solar Energy Society
3.    Member, International Steering committee, World Renewable Energy Congress      
4.    Partner, GVEP
5.    Member, Rotary club of Suva East
6.    Informal advisor on renewable energy to various organizations

Paul-Harris Fellow, 2008. ( For community service)


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