FAQ's ELSA -  Current Students


  1. Do I have to pay for the online ELSA test?
    At present, there are no charges for the online ELSA test.

  2. Do I need to pay for the online English support exercises?
    At present, there are no charges for the online English Language support exercises. 

  3. When should I attempt the test?
    You are encouraged to complete the test as soon as you can upon enrolment. The ELSA test has to be attempted before you complete year 1 of your studies as you may not be permitted to enrol for your year 2 courses unless you have fulfilled the requirements of ELSA and the English Language support exercises. 

  4. Is there a sample test available?
    Yes, you can access the DEMO version of the test in the MOODLE page.

Important Message 

Any enquiries regarding the ELSA test can be forwarded to: elsaqueries(at)usp.ac.fj

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