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Continuing Education

Assisting I-Kiribati to continue their education is part of the major responsibilities of the Kiribati Campus to execute for the purpose of contributing to the education and development of individuals. It is through the Continuing and Community Education Center that offers the second chance for those who miss out on learning opportunities for life or employment either because of personal or financial problems.

Continuing Education courses can become pathways to higher programmes at either the Foundation Level, Pacific TAFE professional programmes or even the Degree programmes. Courses offered by Continuing Education Center can also enable students either to refresh their skills, upgrade their skills or embark on new career path. All the courses of study offer a structured framework for students to progress towards a USP Kiribati Campus Continuing Education Certificate. This certificate will allow potential employers to assess your level of ability in your chosen field.

For employers, the continuing Education Programmes at the USP Kiribati Campus offer them the opportunity to access further training for their staff at affordable prices in Kiribati.

The Continuing Education Programmes also supports the development of vocational education in Kiribati. So far, the most favoured Programmes offered by CCE are listed below. However, new courses can be tailor-made to meet the required knowledge and skills required by the people or any organization. Just  enquire for more information form the staff of CCE.

CCE offers skill-based qualifications such as:

Care Giving Foundamentals                                                                    

Early Childhood Education

Certificate in Teaching Skills

Creative Teacher

Hospitality & Services

    * Front Office

    * House-Keeping

    * Food & Beverages

Kiribati Library skill

    * KLCE01

    * KLCE02

    * KLCE03

Basic English for Communicative skills

Basic IT Technician

   * Stage 1

   * Stage 2

   * Stage 3


Office Skills

Basic Revit Cad

Elementary First Aid

Carrier Guide

Basic Cookery

Flower Arrangement

Kiribati Traditional Skills

Intro to Hydroponic


Train of Trainers



For more information,  please contact Tereeao Teingiia Ratite <tereeao.teingiiaratite(at)

or  Beiataake Aaron <beiataake.aaron(at)

 [686] 750 21085 ext 133

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