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USP Educare Philosophy

Our early childhood philosophy is a statement of our beliefs for the centre. It is a guide to our practice. It is our master plan

It is as follows:

Therefore our programme will cater for a variety of needs and for each child in the centre.

Therefore we show respect and love regardless of gender, ethnic group, religion or ability for each child in the center.

Therefore we allow children to use their senses and explore materials for a large part of the time and we will not spend long periods of time having “teacher talk”.

Therefore our programme will be balanced and have a great variety of play based activities which are regularly changed.

Therefore play will be recognized as a “child’s work” and it will be used as a teaching/learning tool.

Therefore we will make parents welcome at the centre and encourage communication and parent education sessions.

Therefore we will allow commitment, honesty, respect, professionalism and ethics while carrying out everything we do

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