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Student Learning Support (SLS)

About SLS

The Student Learning Support (SLS) is part of the Centre for Flexible and Distance Learning (CFDL).

It provides on-site services to the campus for all students in all modes and levels of study. These are aimed at helping students to succeed in their studies, enjoy learning and develop into self-motivating, competent and life-long learners.

SLS Alafua Services

The following programmes are available to Alafua students:

Academic workshops can also be requested by lecturers and customized for their students in their particular area of study.

SLS also offers Online Tutor Assistance.  You can receive this online assignment assistance through email studentlearningsupport(at) may:

  1. Send your question in the body of the message, but NOT as an attachment.  This is to safeguard against viruses.

  2. Please give us your name, your registered program and year, your student number and your country of origin.

  3. Give the assignment question, if it is relevant to your query.

  4. If you wish to receive feedback on your writing, you need to submit approximately 100 words of your essay for general analysis and problem highlighting.


Student Resources

SLS offers a variety of study guides on the various skills that students will require in their academic programmes. These are on display and available from the tutorís office (T/L building), the SAS lounge and the library. The following resources are also available for downloading from the SLS website:

The following resources can also be downloaded by following these instructions:


Study Skills







Louise Vakamocea (vakamocea_l(at)

SLS TUTOR (Alafua):

 Riteta Laulala (laulala_(at) tel. 21671 xtn 243

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