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Tongan alphabet flashcards

The Tongan language alphabet flashcards for learning letters, letter sounds and names, and letter formation are specially designed for use with children who have specific learning needs, and the project aims to support Inclusive Education in the Kingdom of Tonga. This project has been made possible by the generous support of the Australian High Commission’s Direct Aid Program (DAP) fund, and the collaborative expertise of the Inclusive Education team of the Ministry of Education and Training (MET), and the Institute of Education’s Waka Publications programme.

The flashcards for Inclusive Education in Tonga are the first of their kind, and will provide a useful resource for early literacy skills development. The flashcards were developed and 400 packs of flashcards have been printed for distribution to the MET IE unit, schools with registered IE students, and selected families of suitably aged children attending the IE unit’s programmes, together with notes for teachers that have been developed by Inclusive Education specialist Peace Corps Volunteers and the IOE’s Waka programme literacy specialist. The flashcards will support the implementation of the national curriculum for Tongan language and literacy development in the early years of primary schooling in Tonga.

The flashcards are large in size, made of durable card, have a lot of white space with clear and strongly coloured pictures of common and well-known items beginning with each letter sound. They show the upper and lower case letters of the Tongan alphabet, printed in raised graphic print to allow children to touch and feel the letters too. The flashcards are designed for use with the children who attend the IE unit, but are also very useful for teaching the alphabet to children in large classes or at home.

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Talanga in the Republic of Marshall Islands

USP RMI director, Dr. Irene Taafaki, and IOE team members met with key stakeholders on Majuro to bwebwenato, a Marshallese term for discussion and to further elaborate on USP's role in the Improved Quality Basic Education (IQBE) project. Three USP groups are involved in the project - USP RMI, School of Education, and IOE.

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