"Writing the Pacific" Editors - Jen Webb & Kavita Nandan

Writing the Pacific is a new anthology of stories and poems that re-envision the myths, traditions and lived reality of 'Pacific-ness'. The voices in some of the poems and stories are marked with sorrow - for children who have moved away, for parents who never quite managed to fit in, for the ongoing effects of colonisation and globalisation. But there is also a thread of humour running throught the works, and a joyful sense of what it is to be alive and part of a larger whole. Together, these poems and stories present a portrait of a vivid, vital, loved, lived-in, taken-for-granted, passionately protected region: of a home; of the backdrop to a story; of a region that is as much a character as a setting.

"Writing the Pacific is a major addition to Pacific literature as it explores old and new areas of concern and experiences on identities, belonging and movements along the lands, waves and rims of this vast region." Mohit Prasad, Director, Pacific Writing Forum

"Writing the Pacific is an anthology of creative variety and many new voices. Elegantly edited and first published in the South Pacific, this volume reflects a vibrant literary culture of our fascinating world of islands, both of the imagination and daily reality." Satendra Nandanm Chair, ACLALS, 1998-2001

"This is a lively, engaging and thought-provoking collection offering fresh insights into contemporary Pacific cultures." Jaqueline Lo, Senior Lecturer in English, The Australian National University

Writing the Pacific is distributed by IPS Publications on behalf of the book's publisher, Pacific Writing Forum.

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