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Confucius Institute exhibit at the Hibiscus festival

Date: September, 10, 2013 11:01 Age: 4 yrs

The Confucius Institute at USP exhibited at the Hibiscus Festival
------- Promote the Chinese culture and introduce the Confucius Institute
For the first time, the Confucius Institute at the University of the South Pacific (CI-USP) participated in the traditional Fiji Hibiscus Festival from August 19 to August 23. It promoted the Chinese culture and introduced the Institute to the public.
The Hibiscus Festival is the biggest festival in Fiji. It is held in the capital Suva in August every year, and lasts for nine days. During the festival, Suva city was decorated with colourful lights, and people gathered to celebrate this lively festival. It was opened with an official march. People from Fiji and other Pacific islands sang and danced in their national costumes and masks. Led by the police band, many colourful floats marched towards Albert Park, where the main events took place. Various ceremonies and exhibitions were held in the following eight days. The festival culminated in the crowning of Hibiscus Queens and Kings.

The Hibiscus Festival is also a good opportunity for the diplomatic organisations and NGOs to introduce their cultures. Promoted and supported by the Chinese Embassy in Fiji and the Fijian Chinese communities, CI-USP took part in this festival for the first time. The main activity is to introduce the Institute and recruit new students, and different theme activities were organized as well. It included Chinese paper cutting, calligraphy, Chinese tea ceremony, Chinese knot making, traditional Chinese sports (rope skipping, shuttlecock kicking, diabolo playing), Chinese cuisine and Chinese language learning. It also exhibited the traditional Chinese cultures and contemporary China by cultural video playing and photo exhibition. The video covered different cultural aspects, such as acrobatics, martial arts, magical show, Chinese folk songs, and national scenes. The photo exhibition featured the accomplishment of China in politics, economy and culture, the Sino-Fiji relationship, and CI-USP development. In the five days’ exhibition, more than 1000 people participated in the CI activities. The Chinese Ambassador in Fiji,  Mr Huang Yong, and the Counsellor, Mr Yang Zhaohui visited the CI booth and gave some instructions. Some of the other diplomats, like the American Ambassador, also visited the booth. Through this exhibition, more and more local people got to know the Confucius Institute at USP. It expanded the influence of the Institute and also showcased the diversified Chinese culture and enchanting Chinese language.


红花节也是各国驻斐济使领馆、国际组织和文化教育机构宣传展示各国文化的良机。在我驻斐济大使馆和斐济华人社团的积极推动和帮助下,南太孔院首次参与了红花节活动。以介绍孔院和招生宣传为主线,将中国剪纸、书法、茶艺、编制等传统文化以及跳绳、踢毽子、抖空竹等传统运动和中国美食品尝、学说中国话活动融入到主题日活动中。通过播放杂技、武术、魔术、民歌、风景等宣传片及记录着中国2013年在政治、经济、文化等方面取得的巨大成就、中斐关系、印象孔院等图片展,全方位展示了传统文化与现代中国的风采。5天的主题日活动中,前来参观、咨询、体验的人数达1000余人次。我驻斐济大使黄勇先生和新任政务参赞杨朝晖先生分别莅临展位,视察指导工作。美国驻斐济大使(Ambassador Frankie A. Reed)等部分外国驻斐济使节前来参观。



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