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Happy Chinese New Year • China Culture Day

Date: February, 25, 2014 10:15 Age: 4 yrs

万马奔腾辞旧岁 文化搭台庆新春


2月8日,正值中国农历新年初九, 位于斐济首都苏瓦市中心的苏库纳(Sukuna)公园张灯结彩,人头攒动,热闹非凡。由中国驻斐济大使馆、南太平洋大学孔子学院(以下简称南太孔院)和斐济华人协会共同举办的“欢乐春节•中国文化日”为当地观众献上了一场精彩的中国视听文化盛宴。

早上10时,活动在热闹的舞狮表演中拉开帷幕,中国驻斐济大使黄勇阁下及南太平洋大学校长钱德拉教授共同为舞狮采青。表演者惟妙惟肖的表演在气势恢宏的击鼓的烘托下,为活动营造了浓浓的喜庆气氛,赢得了阵阵掌声与喝彩。接下来的彩带舞、筷子舞、扇子舞,独唱茉莉花等具有浓郁中国特色的精彩节目轮番上阵,将活动推向一轮又一轮高潮,让在场观众兴奋不已。在随后的有奖竞猜环节,20道由南太孔院精心准备的有关中国文化及中国社会发展的问题,引来现场观众的热烈响应,大家纷纷开动脑筋,抢答题目。此外,在学汉语及游戏互动环节,现场观众热情高涨,踊跃参加,现场一片欢声笑语其乐融融的热闹景象。闹中取静,在舞台一侧的文化体验区, 观众和南太孔院教师及国家公派教师一起学剪纸,练书法,品茶艺,尝美食。中国驻斐济使馆,南太大学孔子学院以及斐济华人协会为每位到场参与的观众准备了红包及精美的小礼物向大家恭贺农历新年。 最后,活动在组织方共同努力及参与者热情响应下取得了圆满成功。

活动当天,新华社及斐济当地多家主流媒体参与了报道。 据悉,此次活动是南太孔院在春节期间参与主办的第二场大规模文化活动,为南太孔院在斐济当地的中文教学及文化推广树立了良好的形象,赢得了不错的口碑。


"Happy Chinese New Year • China Culture Day"

February 8th, 2014 is also the 9th of January in Chinese lunar calendar.

A function ‘Happy Chinese New Year • China Culture Day’ co-hosted by Chinese Embassy in Fiji, Confucius Institute at the University of the South Pacific and Chinese Association of Fiji was staged at Suva’s Sukuna Park.
The show started with a lion dance in the presence of the Chinese Ambassador to Fiji, H.E. Mr Huang Yong, and the USP Vice Chancellor and President, Professor Rajesh Chandra. Lion dancers’ vivid and skillful performance gained a warm round applause.

Much applause and cheers greeted the next item, the drum dance, which was performed by the Chinese Youth in Fiji. This was followed by the ribbon dance, chopstick dance, fan dance, a vocal solo of ‘Jasmine Flower’ and many other exciting items rich in Chinese characteristics. Sukuna Park was indeed filled with happiness and laughter.

In the subsequent quiz and prizes, 20 questions about Chinese culture and the country’s social development were prepared by CI-USP, and these drew an enthusiastic response from the audience.
In addition, interactive sessions with the audience through games and learning Chinese added to the atmosphere with great enthusiasm shown by all who participated.

The audience also participated in the learning of paper cutting, calligraphy, tea ceremony and food tasting prepared by the staff of CI-USP in the side cultural stall. They were also received red packets from the CI-USP and the Chinese Embassy and other gift packs.

The mainstream media also gave the event coverage. Present at the function were Xinhua News Agency, the Fiji Times and Fiji Sun.

It was reported the event was the second such event to be presented on such a large scale in Fiji to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Its main purpose was to promote Chinese teaching and culture.

The main guests of the day were  Embassy Political Counsellor Yang Zhaohui, Commercial Counsellor Cai Shuizeng, Director of the Political Department Li Lihong, Consular Department Haoyong Wang, Fiji-China Friendship Association Vice President Dixson Seeto, Chinese Association of Fiji President Jenny Seeto  and CI-USP Chinese Director Li Denggui.



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