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Happy Chinese New Year –Fiji Chinese Communities Celebrate the Chinese New Year

Date: March, 09, 2015 15:47 Age: 3 yrs




 杨代办在致辞中代表中国驻斐济大使馆向全体旅斐华侨华人致以羊年新春的祝福和诚挚的问候,赞赏各社团负责人长期以来为侨务工作和本次新春联欢会做出的贡献。他表示,春节是中华民族最重要的传统节日,是炎黄子孙阖家团聚,享受亲情的喜庆时刻。他还表示,总理阁下为斐济国家和人民做出重大贡献,深受人民爱戴。姆总理为斐济创造了安全稳定的营商环境,给予华社关心,支持和指导。斐济华社和中国大使馆对此深为赞赏和感谢。在中斐建交40周年,华人来斐160周年来临之际,本着“共有 共建 共享”的原则,共同建设“和睦相容,团结友爱,合作共赢,充满活力”的和谐侨社,为中斐友谊贡献更   大力量。


Happy Chinese New Year –Fiji Chinese Communities Celebrate the Chinese New Year

  More than 900 guests flocked at Yat Sen School Auditorium on February 22, 2015 to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The Prime Minister of Fiji Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and his wife, the charge d'affaires of Chinese embassy to Fiji, Mr. Yang Zhaohui and other leaders of Chinese community attended the activity.
  At first, Fiji Chinese Association president Jenny Seeto expressed her new-year wishes to all the overseas Chinese and showed her appreciation to the Chinese Embassy in Fiji and CI-USP . all the communities and sponsors in assisting in the organization of the activity.

  Mr. Yang Zhaohui, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Fiji, extended his sincere greetings and blessings to all the Chinese in Fiji. He appreciated the contribution that Chinese community had made in the past years. He said that the Spring Festival is the most important traditional Chinese festival and is the precious moment for family reunion. He also  affirmed the significant contribution made by the Prime Minister of Fiji to the country and the people. According to Mr. Yang, the Prime Minister created a safe and stable business environment, giving the Chinese community care, support and guidance, for which the Chinese community had been deeply appreciated. “2015 is the 40th anniversary of establishment of China’s diplomatic relations with Fiji, and the160th anniversary of the Chinese arrival in Fiji. All overseas Chinese should follow principle of "Own together, Build together and Share together” so as to build a harmonious overseas Chinese community in Fiji, which is “cooperative, friendly and vigorous. " said Mr. Yang.

 In the statement of the Prime Minister, he said the Chinese government had done a lot for the Government in assisting the country when help was needed and he would never forget China's support and assistance to Fiji. He asked Yang to convey his sincere gratitude and best wishes to the Chinese government and people. He wished a very happy new year of Sheep to all the Chinese people, and acknowledged the great contribution the Chinese Fijians had made to the society, economy and culture of Fiji in the past 160 years.

  During the celebration, the Chinese lion dance, Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese folk dance were performed. The children at Yat Sen School also performed a Happy New Year dance. The Chinese volunteer teacher of the Confucius Institute at USP (CI-USP), Chen Yuanyuan performed a Chinese classic dance, winning the audience's applause. The audience also participated in the interactive games, tug of war and music chair. The whole auditorium was full of laughter and in a merry and vibrant atmosphere.

 Amid celebrating the traditional Chinese Spring Festival, this activity has introduced contemporary Chinese culture, enhanced the friendship between the people of Fiji and China, and expanded the influences of China and the local Chinese communities on the society of Fiji.



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