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Successful Inauguration of the Confucius Classroom of USP at Emalus Campus, Vanuatu

Date: May, 20, 2015 10:39 Age: 3 yrs


5月7日,南太平洋大学孔子学院(简称南太孔院)瓦努阿图艾玛卢分校孔子课堂揭牌仪式成功举行。瓦努阿图教育部部长Bob Loughman和中国驻瓦努阿图大使馆谢波华大使亲自为课堂揭牌。南太平洋大学文法教育学院院长阿卡尼西代表南太大学钱德拉校长出席了揭牌仪式。艾玛卢校区于2014年8月开始开设汉语课,瓦努阿图教育部长是引进汉语教学的积极推动者。在他和我驻瓦大使馆及南太大学校方领导的积极协助下,汉语教学在瓦努阿图得到了健康发展,不仅服务于大学和社会人士的需要,还为当地中小学开设了汉语课程。谢大使在揭牌仪式的讲话中对孔子课堂的工作给予了肯定,并提出了更高的要求,希望孔子课堂能成为“瓦努阿图和中国之间文化交流的新桥梁和平台。”大使同时表示“使馆将继续支持孔子课堂的工作,并提供必要的帮助。”教育部长也发表了热情洋溢的讲话,他赞扬了孔子学院以及孔子课堂对中瓦两国人民交流的贡献。在仪式上维拉东部学校的学生用中文演唱了“茉莉花”,另外一名当地成人学生Noel Napuat 用中文做了中瓦两国文化比较的演讲。到场的来宾深受感染,都纷纷表示要加入学习汉语的队伍。希望这一良好的开端能成为汉语以及中华文化在瓦努阿图推广的良好契机。


Successful Inauguration of the Confucius Classroom of USP at Emalus Campus, Vanuatu

On 7th May 2015, the Vanuatu Minister of Education the Hon. Bob Loughman, and the Chinese Ambassador to Vanuatu, H.E. Mr Xie Bohua, officiated at the inauguration of the Confucius Classroom at The University of South Pacific (USP) Emalus Campus. The Emalus Campus introduced Chinese language classes in August 2014, in response to the special request from the Vanuatu Minister of Education. With the strong joint support of the Minister and the Senior Management Team at USP, Chinese language learning and teaching gained healthy development, not only among university students and the community, but also extended to local schools as well. In his speech in the ceremony, Ambassador Xie said that he hopes the Confucius Classroom “will serve as a new bridge and platform for the cultural exchanges between China and Vanuatu.” He also emphasized that “the Chinese Embassy will continue to support the work of the Confucius Classroom, and will provide any necessary assistance.” The Minister of Education also spoke highly about the contribution of the Confucius Institute and Confucius Classroom to the communication between Chinese and Vanuatu people. At the ceremony, students from Vila East School sang “Jasmine Flower” in Chinese. Another local student, Mr. Noel Napuat, gave a speech comparing the cultures of China and Vanuatu. The VIPs present were deeply impressed, and volunteered to join the Chinese language learning. This healthy beginning will serve as a good opportunity for the promotion of Chinese language and Chinese culture in Vanuatu.




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