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“I Have a Chinese Name”

Date: August, 19, 2015 10:54 Age: 3 yrs

“I Have a Chinese Name”

The 14th of August is the annual Emalus USP open day. The Confucius Classroom of USP put up various cultural experience activities: Malapoa College students sharing their trip experience in China, learning Chinese, opera mask coloring, food tasting, to name some of them. 

The most eye-catching one is the Chinese lion dance. The two “lions” were sometimes pacing around, sometimes teasing each other, and finally competing for a red envelop with lucky money and a lettuce (The Chinese sound of lettuce is similar to the sound of prosperity). People around were all cheering with the rhythm of the big drum.

In the afternoon, Madam Zhao Yan, the wife of Chinese Ambassador, and other Embassy staff came to the Confucius Classroom tent. They brought with them delicate Chinese art works to display. Mrs. Ambassador even brought her own work of paper cutting, and taught the students step by step this traditional Chinese art. She’s soon surrounded by many interested students. After they learned paper cutting, they asked Madam Zhao to write their names in Chinese. When they got the Chinese characters of their names, they called over more of their friends, saying “I have a Chinese name”.

The whole day event ended with three Vanuatu students from the Chinese social class singing a Chinese song named “Sweet” with four Chinese doctors from Central hospital. The majority of the audience laughed when they heard the strange foreign words, but they would all bring home a sweet memory of the diversified Chinese culture.







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