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作为本年度孔子学院日的最后一场活动,南太平洋大学孔子学院(以下简称南太孔院)于2015年10月31日在Adi Cakobau School(以下简称ACS),与该校师生共同举办了第十一个“孔院日”庆祝活动。

ACS董事会主席、南太大学孔院事务主管、南太平洋大学文法教育学院院长阿卡尼西博士、ACS 学校校长Salote Nawalowalo女士及ACS学校的120多名学生、南太孔院全体教职工参加了此次活动。

ACS校长Salote Nawalowalo女士在致辞中,欢迎孔院教师将中国文化带进校园,感谢南太孔院在ACS开设中文兴趣班,并希望2016年起将汉语与斐济语和印度语一起成为该校的选修课程。文法教育学院院长阿卡尼西博士在致辞时首先用汉语,向大家人问好和致谢,现场气氛轻松热烈。接着向学生们介绍了中斐关系和孔院最新的成绩和动态,充分肯定了孔院教师们的工作。并向学生介绍了学习汉语在未来职业生涯方面的优势,最后结合自己在中国的亲身感受,鼓励在场学生继续努力学习汉语。随后,南太孔院中方院长李登贵老师向ACS校长赠书,以丰富该校学生的汉语学习资源和中国文化读物。ACS学生集体演唱了《好一朵美丽的茉莉花》、《歌声与微笑》、《祝你生日快乐》等中文歌曲,祝福孔院生日快乐。在文化体验环节,富有中国文化特色的折纸、剪纸、包饺子、跳绳等极大地吸引了学生的兴趣,学生们玩儿的开心、折的认真、包的仔细、吃的香甜,并不时询问这些活动的文化内涵。当孔院老师们要离开的时候,ACS的学生自发的唱起了英文歌曲表达自己心中的谢意。



Hello! ACS

--Report on Chinese Curtural Activities Entering ACS

As the last event of the Confucius Institute Day series, the Confucius Institute at The University of the South Pacific (CI-USP) celebrated the 11th Anniversary with the teachers and students of Adi Cakobau School (ACS) on October 30 , 2015.

The Chairman of the Board of ACS, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Law and Education Dr. Akanisi Kedrayate, the Principal of ACS Mrs Salote Nawalowalo and more than 120 students of ACS, and all the staff of CI-USP participated the theme activity – Chinese Culture Entering ACS.

In her address, the Principal Mrs Salote Nawalowalo said, “Thank you Confucius Institute for bringing Chinese Culture into the campus; thank you for setting up the Chinese language classes in ACS and I hope Chinese, like Fijian and Indian could be one of the elective courses from next year on”. By starting with “Ni hao” and ”Xie xie” , Dr. Akanisi Kedrayate greeted everybody and then introduced the friend relationship between China and Fiji , the latest news and the outcomes that CI-USP has achieved, and, highly appreciated the CI staff for their hard work. She also highlighted the importance of Chinese for students’ future career and encouraged the students to learn Chinese continuously. The Chinese Director of CI-USP Denggui Li donated some Chinese books to ACS for the purpose of enriching Chinese reading materials for the students. ACS students contributed their well-prepared performances to all participants. They sang the Chinese songs “Mo Li Hua ”,”Gesheng Yu Weixiao ”,”Shengri Kuaile Ge ” to express their best wishes to the Confucius Institute Day. In the Chinese Culture experience activities, the students experienced paper folding, paper cutting, dumpling making and rope skipping which made them so happy and excited that they expressed they would like to experience more in the future. At last the students sang a lovely Fijian song to express thankfulness.

ACS is a famous female school in Fiji. It has trained many outstanding people which has a widely influence on Fiji. With the support of the Ministry of Education Fiji, CI-USP has already set up the Chinese language courses in ACS in March 2015 to serve the purposes of helping the teachers and students of ACS to understand and experience Chinese culture, strengthening the Chinese teaching achievements, accelerating the pace of Chinese into the school elective courses, and make preparation for setting up the Chinese teaching point in ACS.


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