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Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students

Date: August, 04, 2017 09:28 Age: 199 days


7月10日至21日,第16届“汉语桥”世界大学生中文比赛(以下简称“汉语桥”比赛)复赛在中国举办。来自全球112个国家的145名大学生齐聚一堂,参加本次语言和文化盛会。其中,从“汉语桥”比赛斐济赛区脱颖而出的、南太平洋大学孔子学院劳托卡教学点学生戴安娜(Diana Botei),代表斐济赴华参加本次比赛。




Student of Confucius Institute at University of South Pacific to Chinese Bridge – 

Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students

10th to 21st July, the semi-finals of the 16th Chinese Bridge – Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students was held in China. 145 university students from 112 countries gathered together for this language and cultural event. Diana Botei, a student from CI-USP Lautoka Campus and winner of Chinese Bridge Fiji Preliminary, attended this competition on behalf of Fiji.

The semi-finals contain four parts, including Chinese Speech, Talent Show, Impromptu Q&A and You Draw I Guess. Diana made a 90-second speech in Chinese, sharing her stories in learning Mandarin and expressing her wishes for a more friendly and collaborative Sino-Fiji future. Her language skills won the appreciation from the judges. For the Talent Show, Diana prepared a fine Daizu Ethnic Dance, which received much applause from all the audience. In the Impromptu Q&A, although she couldn’t answer all the questions from the judges for her only one and half years in learning Chinese, her confidence and calm still impressed all three judges. The liveliest part in the semi-finals was You Draw I guess. All contesters could only use body language or irrelevant words to describe the word they were given, and let their teammates guess what the word was. Their funny performance brought out loud laughter from the judges and audience.

Besides the intensive study and competition, Diana and other contesters participated in several cultural field trips. After the Opening Ceremony in Beijing, all of them visited the Great Wall, Forbidden City and the headquarters of Confucius Institute. In Changsha city Hu’nan province, they visited Longping Rice Museum, Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial, ancient Yuelu Academy, Hu’nan University and CRRC Group. Chinese history, technology, economy and modern society left them an unforgettable impression. During this stay, Diana not only improved her skills in Mandarin but also had a better and deeper understanding of China.

Up to the date, Chinese Bridge Competition has been successfully held for 15 years, having become a remarkable event in cultural exchange field. It is not just a contest for students from all over the world – it is more of an epitome of global villagers get along harmoniously, linked by the bridge of Chinese language. Diana saw this trip beneficial. In the past days, she crossed the gap of language, nations and races, and made friends worldwide. In her mind, Chinese bridge is the bridge of culture exchange, friendship and souls. Diana sincerely wishes that she could encourage more and more Fijian people to engage in learning Mandarin, to know China and the world better, to learn advanced technology of China and to make more contributions in deepening and widening the connection between China and Fiji.

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