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Prof. Vijay Naidu

Professor Vijay Naidu


School of Government, Development and International Affairs

University of the South Pacific

Laucala Bay Campus

Suva, Fiji Islands 

Tel (679) 323 2093

Email: naidu_v(at)

Vijay Naidu has been an academic for over 43 years, and has served USP in various capacities including Dean of Foundation Studies, Head of School of Social and Economic Development, Head of School of Government, Development and International Affairs, acting Head of School of Management and Public Administration, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic) and Acting Vice Chancellor. He is now Professor of Development Studies in the School of Government, Development and International Affairs (SGDIA) and  Adjunct Professor at VUW, and Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Health, Arts and Design, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne.

Vijay was Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Pacific Studies, and is an editorial board member of international journals including, Migration Studies (Oxford) and Asia Pacific Viewpoint (VUW) as well as member of the Oceania Collective for Research and Advocacy (OCRA). He has researched aid, development policies, ethnicity and racism, higher education, electoral politics and coups in Fiji, land tenure, MDGs, Indenture Labour, migration, urbanisation, informal settlements, the post-colonial state,  poverty, social protection and human security, child sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation of children, Samoan taro blight, small island states and globalisation. 

Vijay is also is an Executive Committee member of the Oceania Development Network (ODN) and until December, 2013 was a member of the Global Development Network (GDN) Board.

Detailed biography

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Academic Qualifications

Academic Qualifications

  • 1989 - D.Phil. (Sociology & Development, University of Sussex, Falmer, England)
  • 1980 - M.A. (Political Sociology) with distinction, The University of the South Pacific.
  • 1974 - B.A. (Social Science, majors in political science, sociology and geography, minor in economics), The University of the South Pacific.



  • Acting Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of the South Pacific 
  • Acting Head of School of Management and Public Administration, Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of the South Pacific 



Previous Senior Positions

  • Professor and Head of SGDIA
  • Professor and Director,
  • Development Studies,
  • Institute of Geography,
  • School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences, (SGEES),
  • Faculty of Science, Victoria University of Wellington, 
  • Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Commissioner, Legal Aid Commission, Fiji
  • Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic), The University of the South Pacific (USP)



Research Awards and Grants (2007-2012)

  • 2007 UNDP Pacific Centre, Suva, MDGs and Civil Society project (With ECREA, Fr. Kevin Barr) FJD$90,000
  • 2008 EU Office, Suva, Mapping of Non-State Actors in Fiji (with Dr M.Mohanty) Euros 5,000
  • 2008-9 ECREA and CARITAS (Australia), Prison Reforms (with Dr S. Ratuva and Dr M. Reddy) FJD$ 30,000
  • 2009 UNESCAP Social Protection in the Pacific (with Dr Manoranjan Mohanty) FJD$16,000
  • 2009 UNESCAP Social Exclusion in Fiji FJD$ 8,000
  • 2012, UNDP, Post-2015 Development Framework  USD$ 10,000
  • 2012, Minority Rights Group International  Euros 10,000



Books and Monographs

2014 With Anawaite Matadradra, The Namara (Tiri) squatter settlement in Labasa: An in-depth Study, SGDIA Working Paper Series, No.1: January.

2008, With Terence Wood, A Slice of Paradise? The Millennium Development Goals in the Pacific: progress, pitfalls and potential solutions, Working Paper No 1, Oceania Development Network, National University of Samoa, Apia. pp 106.

2008, With Lal,, B and Chand, G (eds), 1987: Fiji twenty years on, Fiji Institute of Applied Studies, Lautoka.

2005 (forthcoming) (ed), Social Factors in Renewable Energy Use in the Pacific Islands, UNESCO, Paris.


2017, “Aging, Gender and Social Innovations in the Pacific”, Background Paper for Senior Officials Meeting and Forum of Ministers of Social Development in the Asia-Pacific Region, 20-23 March, UNESCO, Management of Social Transformation (MOST), Kuala Lumpur

2016        With Nii-K Plange and Parmod Achary, Income Security for Older Persons in Fiji, SDD-SPPS Project Working Papers Series, Income Security for Older Persons in Asia and the Pacific,  UNESCAP, Bangkok, pp 30.

2013      (14 May) Commentary on Professor Anthony Beattie’s Governance Think Piece for the Pacific               Plan Review 2013

2013       with Anawaite Matadradra, Maria Sahib and Josaia Osborne, “Fiji: the challenges and opportunities of diversity”, Minority Rights Group International (London) and Citizens Constitutional Forum (Suva), pp 40 .  

2011  with Mili Kaitani et al. “Development on the Move’, Oceania Development Network Working Paper No 2, pp 62. 

2009 (a) “Fiji Islands Country Profile on Excluded Groups” for UNESCAP, Social Division, Bangkok. pp 32

2009 (b) With Manoranjan Mohanty, “Situational Analysis of Social Protection Policies, Services and Delivery – Mechanisms in the Pacific for UNESCAP, Pacific Centre, Suva. pp 51

2008 With Mahendra Reddy and Sitiveni Ratuva, “Fiji Prison Reforms: From Containment to Correction and Beyond” , ECREA, Suva. pp 48

2008 With Fr Kevin Barr, “Understanding and Enhancing Civil Society’s Interactions with the Millennium Development Goals in Fiji”, UNDP and ECREA, Suva. pp.46

2007 With Manoranjan Mohanty and Raicebe, Taqutu, “ Non-State Actors in Fjii”, A mapping of NSAs for Forum of Non-State Actors (FONSA) and European Union, Suva. pp25

2006 With Gomes, R and Takyo, M, Timor –Leste Human Development Report “The Paths Out of Poverty, UNDP, Dili. pp100

Journal Articles, Published Conference Proceedings & Chapter in Books

2017, 'The Fijian Ethos and Dawasamu Miraculous Healing Water: A study of Delakado and Natadradave Villagers'Response to God's Gift', with Vasemaca Lutu and Kesaia Seniloli, WP1, SGDIA WPS 

2017, “From Indian Coolies to Fijians: Culture and Identity Change among Indo-Fijians”, Fijian Studies 15/1, pp 11-26

2016  with Linda Vaike, “Internal Migration in the Pacific Islands: a regional overview” , The Journal of Pacific Studies, 36/1, pp 91-110.

2015, The 2014 General Election: A fresh start on the road to democracy?, The Journal of Pacific Studies, 35(2): 129-42

2015 with Tarte, S, “Introduction”, Special Issue: ‘No Ordinary Election: The Fiji General Election of 2014’, The Journal of Pacific Studies, 35/2, pp 5-8.

2015, with  Matadradra, A ,  Osborne, J and  Sahib, M , “Informal settlements and social inequality in Fiji: Evidence of serious policy gaps”, Journal of Pacific Studies, 35/1, pp 27-46.

2014, with McDonald, L and Mohanty, M, “Vulnerability, Resilience and Dynamism of the Custom   Economy in Melanesia”, in Feeny, S (ed) Household Vulnerability and Resilience to Economic Shocks Findings from Melanesia, Ashgate, Farnham, pp 107-128.

2014, with  Osborne, J and Sahib, M “Urban or Rural? The Anomaly of iTaukei Urban Villages in Local Government, in Qalo, R (ed) Pacific Voices Local Governments and Climate Change, USP, PACE-SD and Commonwealth Local Government Pacific Forum, Suva pp 193-2005

2012, “MDGs in Oceania” in Toward New Islands Studies, 2011 Annual Bulletin, Institute of Okinawan Studies, University of Rykus, Okinawa, Japan, pp 169-186.

2011 (a),   with Siddiqui, K and Tarte, S “ Towards Pro-Active Legislatures and Inclusive Development       in PICs”, Journal of Pacific Studies, Vol.31 No.1, pp 1-12.

2011(b),   with Kumar, R.R and Kumar, Radika, “Exploring the Nexus between Trade, Visitor Arrivals, Remittances and Income in the Pacific: a study of Vanuatu”, Acta Universitatis Danubius. OEconomica, Vol 7, No 4, 199-218. [ISSN: 2065-0175] 

2009 (a), “Changing Gears on the Millennium Development Goals in Oceania”, Policy Quarterly, Vol.5 No.3, pp 10-19.

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2008 (a), “A View on Contemporary Development Issues from the South Pacific: where’s the level Playing Field ?”, Keynote address in Thornton, A and McGregor (eds), Southern Perspectives on Development: Dialogue or Division, Proceedings of the 5th Biennial Conference of the Aotearoa New Zealand Development Studies Network (Devnet), Dunedin 2006, pp 15-28.

2008 (b), with Terence Wood, “The Millennium Development Goals in the Pacific: Progress, Problems and Solutions”, in Thornton, A and McGregor (eds), Southern Perspectives on Development: Dialogue or Division, Proceedings of the 5th Biennial Conference of the Aotearoa New Zealand Development Studies Network (Devnet), Dunedin 2006, pp 373-398.

2008 (c), “Social Consequences of Coups in Fiji” in Lal. B, Chand. G and Naidu. V (eds) 1987: Fiji Twenty Years On, Fiji Institute of Applied Studies, Lautoka, pp155-172.

2007 (a), with Elizabeth St John Ives, “Foreign Direct Investment and Quality of Employment in the Tourist Sector: Assessing the quality of FDI in the Fiji Islands using Sen’s Capability Approach”, The Asia Pacific Economic Journal, 4(2), March, Kagoshima University, pp 171-194.

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2006 (c), Contribution to “Futures and Sustainability” in Baldacchino, G (ed), A World of Islands, Agenda, Malta and Institute of Island Studies Press, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

2006 (d), with Mohanty, M. and Reddy. M, “International migration, human capital loss and development in the South Pacific: The case of Fiji”, in Ferro.K and Wallner. M (eds.), Migration Happens: Reasons, Effects and Opportunities of Migration in the South Pacific, LIT –Verlag, Muenster (Germany), Vienna, 151-166.

2005 (a), “Development Assistance Challenges” in Powles, M (ed), Pacific Futures, Pandanus Books, Australian National University, Canberra.

2005 (b), “Education and Nation Building” in Sanga, K ( ), Re-Thinking Aid Relationships in Pacific Education, He Parkere, Institute of Research and Development in Maori and Pacific Education, School of Education, Victoria University of Wellington and the Institute of Education, University of the South Pacific, Wellington and Suva.

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2005 (d), with Reddy,M and Vositaka, S, “Determinants of Household Savings Behaviour in an Emerging Economy: Market


Conference and Conference Papers

March, 2017, “Commentary on proposed draft Village By Laws”, Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre CSO women and youth seminar on iTaukei Village By Laws, 1-2 March, Suva

March, 2017, “From Indian Coolies to Fijians: Culture and Identity Change among Indo-Fijians”, Commemoration of Centennial of Abolition of Indian Indentureship (CCAII), An International Conference, University of Fiji, 23-25 March, Lautoka,

December, 2016, Oceans Governance: Shaping Our Future Workshop, Australian National University (SSGM), Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and University of the South Pacific (SGDIA), 2-3 December, Suva

November, 2016, Enhancing Pacific Regional Governance, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Collaborative Workshop, 28 November, Suva.

November, 2016 “Changing Cultures and changing identities in the Pacific: Implications for UNDP Pacific staff, UNDP Staff Retreat,23-24 November, Pacific Harbour.

November, 2016 “Universal Pension Coverage in Fiji?”,  ADB Forum on Strengthening Pension Systems and Health Coverage in the Pacific, 2–3 November, Suva. 

September, 2016 “ International Day of Peace: SDGS as Building Blocks of Peace”, Pacific Centre for Peace Building, Pacific Peace Conference, Strengthening the Role of Peace in Nation Building, 18 - 21 September, Suva. 

September, 2016, CIVICUS workshop on indicators for measuring civic space in countries of the world, 2-3 September, Johannesburg.

August, 2016,  “Role of the Security Sector in the Democratic Transition in Fiji”, Annual Democracy Forum, IDEA & Government of the Republic of Mongolia, 25-26 August, Ulaan Baatar.

August, 2016, “Socially Friendly Workplace policies in Pacific Island Countries: Kiribati, Palau, Samoa and the Solomon Islands”, XIII Pacific Public Sevice Commissioners Conference, 2-4 August, Koror. 

July, 2016,  “Opening Comments and Introduction of Speakers”, Chair of the Opening Session of the  Asian Development Bank, ADB Institute, ANU and USP 2016 Pacific Update, 18-19 July, University of the South Pacific, Suva.

June, 2016,  “Electoral Reforms and Political Stability in Melanesia”, UNDP Forum on Achieving SDG16 in Melanesia: Creating Political and Parliamentary Stability to Catalyst Development, Nadi, 27-28 June.

May, 2016 “The Indenture Experience and Role of Sangam in Educational Development in Fiji”, Guest Speaker at the 90th Anniversary of the TISI Sangam, Nadi, 28 May.

November, 2015, “Productivity and Sustainable Development in Fiji”, UNESCAP Expert Group Meeting on Macroeconomic Prospects, Policy Challenges and Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific, 30 November – 1 December Bangkok.

November, 2015, chair of session on ‘Human Rights, Resource Rights and Security’, Pacific Regional Security Symposium: Rethinking regional security research and policy nexus, University of Canterbury, 25-26 November, Christchurch, New Zealand. 

November, 2015, “Strengthening Governance in Regional Organisations”, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Governance Working Group Symposium, PIFS, 17-19 November, Suva.

October, 2015, Fiji and UNDP delegation to Global Transformation Forum,  21-23 October. Kuala Lumpur.

October, 2015, panelist on “Towards a People Centred Urban Future”, 6th Asia Pacific Urban Forum, UNESCAP,19-21 October, Jakarta,.

July, 2015, “The Varieties of Democracy, V-Dem Approach, and the analysis of reports on Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, and Vanuatu”, IDEA and V-Dem regional workshop, 30-31 July, Nadi,.

July, 2015, “Identity, ethnicity and conflict”, Security Partnerships: Future Challenges for Fiji Symposium, Mcmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, University of Canterbury and School of Government, Development and International Affairs, University of the South Pacific, 16-17 July, Suva.

June, 2015, “Oceanian observing systems on climate change and its consequences in the  human   sciences”, PACE-NET, GOPS, USP and IRD Workshop on Observation Systems of Climate Change in the South Pacific, IRD Centre, 11-12 June, Noumea.

March, 2015, “The struggle for social justice, trade union and human rights in Fiji”, Keynote address to 72nd National Annual General Meeting of the Fiji Public Service Association (FPSA), Lami, 28 March.

June, 2014 with Victor David, “Oceania Observatory of Climate Change and Its Consequences (O2C3)”, Oceania 21, 28June-2 Jul,y Noumea.

October, 2013, UNESCAP Social Protection Tool Box Expert Group Meeting, Bangkok.

September, 2013, “Social Protection Policies in the Pacific: Issues for the Post-2015 Development Agenda, 4th Biennial Oceania Development Network (ODN) Conference, in association with University of the South Pacific, Addressing Inequality and Promoting Inclusive and Sustainable Development in the Pacific,  University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus, Suva, 11-12 September.

April, 2013 with Annawaite Matadradra, Josaia Osborne and Maria Sahib, “Urbanisation, Informal  (squatter) settlements and sustainable urban policy development”, AGORA –SHS NC, International Conference “Sustainable development in Oceania: towards a new ethics?”, Koohne’, New Caledonia.

March, 2013, “ Harmonising qualifications for enhanced temporary migration from Pacific island countries”,  Office of the Chief Trade Advisor and World Bank, Labour Migration Workshop, Nadi

March, 2013, “Socio-economic and political development in the Pacific: setting the context”, Heads of Pacific Country Teams’ UN agencies retreat, Denarau, Nadi

December, 2012, Panelist in panel on ‘Aid Modalities in the Pacific: the role of research in changing policies and practices’, 8th International Development Conference, DevNet, Auckland University, Auckland.  Also chaired panel on, ‘Changing NZ Aid Practices’.

November, 2012,  “Thoughts on Pacific Post 2015 Development Framework: What future do Oceanians want?”, ADB, ESCAP and UNDP  Experts Symposium on Post-MDGs Framework in the Asia Pacific region, Manila.

October, 2012, Pacific expert participant in Workshop on Global Migration Futures: Using scenarios to explore future migration in the Pacific, Massey University, Auckland.

October, 2012,   “The Post-2015 Pacific Development Framework”,  UNDP, ADB, ESCAP, PIFS and APCoP, Post-2015 Pacific Consultation, Nadi 

July, 2012, “Looking at the Inclusivity of Key actors of Fiji’s Constitutional History – Political Elites and the Military”,  Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (CCF) and School of Government, Development and International Affairs Conference, Bringing Fiji Together-Addressing Inclusivity in Constitution – Making, Suva

July, 2012, with Josaia Osborne and Maria Sahib, “Urban or Rural: The anomaly of Itaukei urban villages in local government”, Conference on Local Governments: Structures, Functions and Climate Change, USP, Laucala Campus

April, 2012, “Bridging Research to Policy”, Oceania Development Network (ODN) Research Capacity Building Workshop, USP, Laucala  Campus

March, 2012 , “MDGS in Oceania”, Symposium on “Regional Issues in the Pacific Islands”, Institute of Okinawan Studies, University of Rykyus, Naha,Okinawa, Japan.

Nov-December, 2010, with Kumar, M, Nailatikau, M and Temo, L, “Sustainable Development : A critical overview” , Sustainable Development: Illusion or achievable goal, International Conference on  Future Challenges, Ancient Solutions: What we can Learn from the past about managing the future in the Pacific, USP, Laucala Campus.

October, 2010, “Social Policy and Social Issues in Pacific Island Countries”, Key note address, Social Policy, Social Welfare Systems and Human Security in the Pacific Conference, School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Law, USP, Laucala Campus.

August, 2010 with Mohanty, M and Storey, D. (2010), “Excluded Groups, Social Protection Failures and the MDGs in the Pacific Islands”, Paper presented at Islands of the World Conference XI,  Bornholm, Denmark.

July, 2010, with Achary, P, “ Social Protection and MDGs in Kiribati’, Kiribati Development Dialogue, Tarawa

Professional Activities

Professional Activities

Membership of Societies and Networks of Researchers

2017 - Oceania Collective for Research and Advocacy

2010 - Co-editor, Journal of Pacific Studies

2008 - Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Pacific Studies

2008 - Co-ordinator, Asia Pacific Migration Research Network (APMRN)

2005 - Co-Chair, Aotearoa/NZ Development Studies Network (DEVNET), Wellington, New Zealand

2005 - Member, Global Development Network (GDN).

Public Service

2008 - 2010 Pacific Scholar in Residence, PACE, Australia New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)

Feb. 2007- Board member, Citizens Constitutional Forum, Fiji

April 2005 – Feb. 2006 Member, Save the Children Fund NZ, OPC, Wellington.

March, 2005, Member, Pacific Advisory Group, NZ Human Rights Commission, Wellington.

Professional Services and Consultancies

June-July, 2010 Expert Review Panel on the First Human Mobility Report of the ACP Group of States

May, 2009 Member Review Team for Pacific Studies and Samoan Studies, Va’amanu Pasifika, Victoria University of Wellington.

January, 2008 - Referee, Melbourne Journal of Politics

June, 2005 Referee, International Migration Journal

February, 2004 Referee, Development Bulletin

January - April 2004 Chief Technical Adviser and Human Development Specialist with UNDP, Dili, Timor-Leste

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