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PaperCut Internet Control is an application that has been employed by IT Services in an effort to improve and better manage costs associated to our  Internet Services. The Internet services too have been a major success where we can properly monitor bandwidth usage and resources associated.

Internet Top Up Login-


Instructions for Users

  1. Purchase your Top-up card from the USP Book Center, Library or Dining Hall. Printing and Internet Top-up cards are sold separately at $2 & $10 each.
  2. Login on any PC in the ITS labs using your username (ID number) and password.
  3. Internet Data Cap per month is 800MB for Undergrad students, 1.2GB for Postgrad students and 2GB PhD students while USP staff will be allocated 3GB.
  4. Top Up cards can be purchased for more internet bandwidth (Data Cap).
  5. There will be no carry over of Internet Data Cap balance that is allocated to you by IT Services, i.e. remaining  balance of 80MB given at the beginning of every month.

It is advisable for students to use up any Internet Bandwidth that you pay for the month. This is due to the fact that any credit existing will only be topped-up by IT Services to the normal quota and not added, when going into the new month.

  1. As your Papercut user web interface appears, login using your username and password. We will use the internet top-up web interface in this instruction (Figure 1.0).
Figure 1.0

     5.  Click on the Use Card link. (Figure 2.0)

Figure 2.0

     6. Type in your Top-up card number in the dialogue box beside Card   Number and click on Use Card. (Figure 2.0)

     7. The following message below should appear if your transaction has been successful. (Figure 3.0)

Figure 3.0

  8. Your account should now be updated and you will be able to print or access the internet in any lab. You can click on the Summary link to view your balance information. (Figure 4.0)

9.   You can repeat steps 1 7 for internet top-up cards.

10. Printing prices are 15c a page and by default, all students has been allocated 80c for registration purposes, this semester 1, 2007.

For any further enquires, please contact the Student Helpdesk.


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