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Why Publish?

Workshop participants with Dr Hodge

A workshop held at Institute of Applied Sciences (IAS), USP on the 30- 31 January, 2013 was conducted to ensure that findings from scientific research at IAS are written up for publications.  The training was conducted by Dr. Simon Hodge, a senior lecturer in Statistics and Biometrics from Lincoln University, New Zealand and targeted post graduate students of IAS and Biology Division (FSTE, USP) who are currently in the final stages of their thesis writing.  IAS staff members who are also involved in research work attended the workshop which focused on:
    The types of biological research
    How to write an Abstract and Introduction
    How to present Results (tables, graphs, figures etc.)
    Writing a paper
    Choosing an appropriate journal
    Processes in submitting your manuscript.
IAS continuously encourages its staff members to publish and previous recipients or the USP Research Office Publication Awards include the Director, Mr Klaus Feussner, Mr Rohitesh Kumar and Mr Pritesh Prasad.   As an outcome of this workshop, the Director of the Institute, Prof. Bill Aalbersberg has urged participants to publish results of their research work as this  allow researchers to communicate their findings to interested local and international audiences.  All participants have made a commitment to submit a journal article within the next three months.

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