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Date: May, 20, 2008 14:17 Age: 10 yrs

Introducing Sections within the School of Education, the Heads of each division and their core functions.

SOE is sectioned into the following six divisions. Each division will operate under the management of its coordinator and HOS.  

DIVISION 1. Early Childhood and Special Needs Education  

DH: Dr. Desma Hughes

 DIVISION 2. Primary Education Programmes

DH: Dr. Govinda Lingam

 DIVISION 3. Secondary Education Programmes

DH: Mr. Bisun Deo

 DIVISION 4. Professional, Continuing, Non-Formal and Community Education Programmes

DH: Mr. Teweiariki Teaero

The TOR of Divisions 1 - 4 are closely related. These divisions are tasked with theoverall management and organisation of staff, programmes, courses and activities in a specific area of education.  


DIVISION 5. Indigenous Education, Research And Development

DH: Dr. Unaisi Nabobo-Baba

 DIVISION 6. Publicity and Marketting

DH: Cresantia Frances Koya  


Divisions 5 and 6 stand apart from these in that their roles and functions are quite distinct.


Division 5 Indigenous Education, Research and Development focuses on courses that are culture based and pacific oriented. Its is also tasked with the responsibility of encouraging and engaging in pacific research, consultancies, publications and establishing a network (local, regional and global) of educators and other persons who are interested in these issues.

Division 6 Publicity and Marketing, is responsible for communty outreach including publication of promotional materials for promotional purposes as well as communications media such as the SOE website and newsletter.

For more information on specific divisions, you may contact Division coordinators directly. For programme information, please access the USP Calender or enquire at the nearest USP Center. Specific Links to each division and its activities will be available shortly on this website.

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