Key Activities - Emalus Campus - USPECSA

2014 Updates

USPSA – Emalus Campus Tamtam

This is a brief update on the activities carried out so far by the USPSA-EC, 2014.

  1. USP Emalus Campus Community Appeal for relief of Cyclone Victims in Vanuatu.
  2. Welcome Combine Service
  3. Welcome Combine Social Night
  4. Appointment of Constitutional Review Committee (Report Completed)
  5. USPSA Council Meeting [Mid-Semester]
  6. Appointment of Constitutional Drafting Committee (Ongoing)
  7. Appointment of Chairpersons (and members) for Standing Committees
  8. Upcoming 1st Semester Closing Social Night
  9. Upcoming 1st Semester Closing Combine Service
  10. Consultation with Cultural or Association Leaders

Important Points

The Executive noted the need to fully review the Constitution of 2009.




Key Activities

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