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Davallia epiphylla (Forster) Sprengel [Accession no: SUVA1312]
Davallia epiphylla (Forster) Sprengel [Accession no: SUVA23812]
Davallia fejeensis Hooker [Accession no: SUVA1329]
Davallia fejeensis Hooker [Accession no: SUVA1316]
Davallia fejeensis Hooker [Accession no: SUVA1330]
Davallia solida (Forst.) Swartz [Accession no: SUVA1331]
Davallia solida (Forster) Swartz [Accession no: SUVA26500]
Davallia solida (Forster)Swartz [Accession no: SUVA26499]
Humata botrychioides Brackenridge [Accession no: SUVA1435]
Humata botrychioides Brackenridge [Accession no: SUVA1432]
Humata botrychioides Brackenridge [Accession no: SUVA1458]
Humata botrychioides Brackenridge [Accession no: SUVA1367]
Humata botrychioides Brackenridge [Accession no: SUVA1353]
Humata heterophllya (Smith) Desvaux [Accession no: SUVA1439-1/2]
Humata heterophllya (Smith) Desvaux [Accession no: SUVA1439-2/2]
Humata heterophllya (Smith) Desvaux [Accession no: SUVA1438]
Humata heterophllya (Smith) Desvaux [Accession no: SUVA1443-1/2]
Humata heterophllya (Smith) Desvaux [Accession no: SUVA1444]
Humata heterophllya (Smith) Desvaux [Accession no: SUVA1442]
Humata polypodioides Brackenridge [Accession no: SUVA1455]
Humata sessilifolia (Blume) Kuhn [Accession no: SUVA1451-1/2]
Leucostegia pallida (Mettenius) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA1459]
Leucostegia pallida (Mettenius) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA1460]
Leucostegia pallida (Mettenius) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA1461-1/2]
Leucostegia pallida (Mettenius) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA1461-2/2]
Nephrolepis biserrata (Swartz) Schott [Accession no: SUVA1470]
Nephrolepis biserrata (Swartz) Schott [Accession no: SUVA1533]
Nephrolepis biserrata (Swartz) Schott [Accession no: SUVA1478]
Nephrolepis biserrata (Swartz) Schott [Accession no: SUVA1476-2/4]
Nephrolepis exalta (Linn.) Schott. [Accession no: SUVA1484]
Nephrolepis hirsutula (Forster) Presl. [Accession no: SUVA1503]
Nephrolepis hirsutula (Forster) Presl. [Accession no: SUVA1510]
Nephrolepis hirsutula (Forster) Presl. [Accession no: SUVA1401]
Nephrolepis hirsutula (Forster) Presl. [Accession no: SUVA25010]
Nephrolepis hirsutula (Forster)Presl [Accession no: SUVA1506]
Nephrolepis tuberosa (Boxy ex Willdenow) Presl. [Accession no: SUVA1519]
Nephrolepis tuberosa (Boxy ex Willdenow) Presl. [Accession no: SUVA1514]
Nephrolepis tuberosa (Boxy ex Willdenow) Presl. [Accession no: SUVA1516]
Oleandra neriiformis Cavanilles [Accession no: SUVA1556]
Oleandra neriiformis Cavanilles [Accession no: SUVA1547]
Oleandra neriiformis Cavanilles [Accession no: SUVA1552]
Oleandra neriiformis Cavanilles [Accession no: SUVA1541-1/3]
Oleandra neriiformis Cavanilles [Accession no: SUVA1541-2/3]
Oleandra neriiformis Cavanilles [Accession no: SUVA1541-3/3]
Oleandra neriiformis Cavanilles [Accession no: SUVA1352]
Oleandra neriiformis Cavanilles [Accession no: SUVA1557]
Oleandra sibbaldii Greville [Accession no: SUVA1568-1/2]
Oleandra sibbaldii Greville [Accession no: SUVA1568-2/2]
Oleandra sibbaldii Greville [Accession no: SUVA1570]

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