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Lycopodium carinatum Desvaux [Accession no: SUVA60]
Lycopodium carinatum Desvaux [Accession no: SUVA62-1/2]
Lycopodium cernuum Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA66-2/3]
Lycopodium cernuum Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA82-1/2]
Lycopodium cernuum Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA78]
Lycopodium cernuum Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA70-1/2]
Lycopodium cernuum Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA65-1/2]
Lycopodium cernuum Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA65-2/2]
Lycopodium cernuum Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA254]
Lycopodium clavatum Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA97]
Lycopodium foliosum Copeland [Accession no: SUVA110-1/3]
Lycopodium foliosum Copeland [Accession no: SUVA110-2/3]
Lycopodium foliosum Copeland [Accession no: SUVA110-3/3]
Lycopodium foliosum Copeland [Accession no: SUVA109]
Lycopodium foliosum Copeland [Accession no: SUVA107]
Lycopodium foliosum Copeland [Accession no: SUVA141-1/2]
Lycopodium foliosum Copeland [Accession no: SUVA247]
Lycopodium foliosum Copeland [Accession no: SUVA255]
Lycopodium magnificum Brownlie sp. nov. [Accession no: SUVA142-1/2]
Lycopodium magnificum Brownlie sp. nov. [Accession no: SUVA142-2/2]
Lycopodium magnificum Brownlie sp. nov. [Accession no: SUVA145]
Lycopodium magnificum Brownlie sp. nov. [Accession no: SUVA146]
Lycopodium magnificum Brownlie sp. nov. [Accession no: SUVA244]
Lycopodium nummularifolium Blume [Accession no: SUVA149]
Lycopodium nummularifolium Blume [Accession no: SUVA256]
Lycopodium parksii Copeland [Accession no: SUVA261]
Lycopodium parksii Copeland [Accession no: SUVA243]
Lycopodium phlegmaria Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA164-1/4]
Lycopodium phlegmaria Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA164-2/4]
Lycopodium phlegmaria Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA164-3/4]
Lycopodium phlegmaria Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA164-4/4]
Lycopodium phlegmaria Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA158-1/2]
Lycopodium phlegmaria Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA158-2/2]
Lycopodium phlegmaria Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA161]
Lycopodium phlegmaria Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA160]
Lycopodium phlegmaria Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA252]
Lycopodium phyllanthum Hooker et Arnott [Accession no: SUVA266]
Lycopodium squarrosum Forster [Accession no: SUVA194]
Lycopodium squarrosum Forster [Accession no: SUVA199]
Lycopodium squarrosum Forster [Accession no: SUVA188-1/2]
Lycopodium squarrosum Forster [Accession no: SUVA188-2/2]
Lycopodium squarrosum Forster [Accession no: SUVA189]
Lycopodium squarrosum Forster [Accession no: SUVA190-1/2]
Lycopodium subtrifoliatum Brownlie sp. nov. [Accession no: SUVA183]
Lycopodium subtrifoliatum Brownlie sp. nov. [Accession no: SUVA253]
Lycopodium trifoliatum Copeland [Accession no: SUVA122]
Lycopodium trifoliatum Copeland [Accession no: SUVA123-1/2]
Lycopodium trifoliatum Copeland [Accession no: SUVA121]
Lycopodium trifoliatum Copeland [Accession no: SUVA123-2/2]
Lycopodium trifoliatum Copeland [Accession no: SUVA112-1/2]
Lycopodium trifoliatum Copeland [Accession no: SUVA112-2/2]

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