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Belvisia mucronata (Fee) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA2969]
Belvisia mucronata (Fee) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA2970]
Belvisia mucronata (Fee) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA4410-1/2]
Belvisia mucronata (Fee) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA2987]
Belvisia mucronata (Fee) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3074]
Dictymia mckeei Tindale [Accession no: SUVA2993]
Dictymia mckeei Tindale [Accession no: SUVA2991-1/2]
Dictymia mckeei Tindale [Accession no: SUVA2991-2/2]
Dictymia mckeei Tindale [Accession no: SUVA2989-1/2]
Dictymia mckeei Tindale [Accession no: SUVA2989-2/2]
Dipteris conjugata Reinwardt [Accession no: SUVA2995]
Dipteris conjugata Reinwardt [Accession no: SUVA3087]
Dipteris conjugata Reinwardt [Accession no: SUVA3088]
Dipteris conjugata Reinwardt [Accession no: SUVA3149]
Dipteris conjugata Reinwardt [Accession no: SUVA3069]
Drynaria rigidula (Swartz) Beddome [Accession no: SUVA3004]
Drynaria rigidula (Swartz) Beddome [Accession no: SUVA3002]
Drynaria rigidula (Swartz) Beddome [Accession no: SUVA3153]
Drynaria rigidula (Swartz) Beddome [Accession no: SUVA3154]
Lemmaphyllum accedens (Blume) Donk [Accession no: SUVA3015]
Lemmaphyllum accedens (Blume) Donk [Accession no: SUVA3007]
Lemmaphyllum accedens (Blume) Donk [Accession no: SUVA3009]
Loxogramme parksiis Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3025]
Loxogramme parksiis Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3021]
Loxogramme parksiis Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3026]
Loxogramme parksiis Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3027]
Merinthosorous drynarioides (Hook) Copel. [Accession no: SUVA3049-1/2]
Merinthosorous drynarioides (Hook.) Copel. [Accession no: SUVA3049-2/2]
Microsorium alatum (Brackenridge) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3038]
Microsorium alatum (Brackenridge) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3042]
Microsorium alatum (Brackenridge) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3041-1/2]
Microsorium alatum (Brackenridge) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3037-2/2]
Microsorium alatum (Brackenridge) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3040]
Microsorium alternifolium (Willd.) Copel. [Accession no: SUVA3188]
Microsorium linguaeforme (Mettenius) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3053]
Microsorium linguaeforme (Mettenius) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3054-2/2]
Microsorium punctatum (Linnaeus) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3066-1/3]
Microsorium punctatum (Linnaeus) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3066-2/3]
Microsorium punctatum (Linnaeus) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3066-3/3]
Microsorium punctatum (Linnaeus) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA1590-2x]
Microsorium punctatum (Linnaeus) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3063]
Microsorium punctatum (Linnaeus) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3065]
Microsorium vitiense (Baker) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3068]
Phymatosorus nigrescens (Bl.) Pichi Sermolli [Accession no: SUVA3173]
Phymatosorus nigrescens (Blume) Pichi Sermolli [Accession no: SUVA3182]
Phymatosorus nigrescens (Blume) Pichi Sermolli [Accession no: SUVA3185-1/2]
Phymatosorus nigrescens (Blume) Pichi Sermolli [Accession no: SUVA3185-2/2]
Phymatosorus parksii (Copeland) Brownlie comb.nov. [Accession no: SUVA3195]
Phymatosorus parksii (Copeland) Brownlie comb.nov. [Accession no: SUVA3205-1/2]
Phymatosorus parksii (Copeland) Brownlie comb.nov. [Accession no: SUVA3102]
Phymatosorus scolopendria (Burmann) pichi Sermolli [Accession no: SUVA3208]
Phymatosorus scolopendria (Burmann) Pichi Sermolli [Accession no: SUVA3211-1/2]
Phymatosorus scolopendria (Burmann) Pichi Sermolli [Accession no: SUVA3211-2/2]
Phymatosorus scolopendria (Burmann) Pichi Sermolli [Accession no: SUVA4263]
Phymatosorus scolopendria (Burmann) Pichi Sermolli [Accession no: SUVA25122]
Phymatosorus scolopendria (Burmann) Pichi Sermolli [Accession no: SUVA25121]
Polypodium subauriculatum Blume [Accession no: SUVA3110]
Polypodium subauriculatum Blume [Accession no: SUVA3108-1/2]
Polypodium subauriculatum Blume [Accession no: SUVA3108-2/2]
Polypodium subauriculatum Blume [Accession no: SUVA3113]
Polypodium subauriculatum Blume [Accession no: SUVA3117]
Polystichum aculeatum (L.) Roth [Accession no: SUVA2615-1/3]
Polystichum aculeatum (Linnaeus) Roth [Accession no: SUVA2621-1/2]
Polystichum aculeatum (Linnaeus)Roth [Accession no: SUVA2616-1/2]
Polystichum aculeatum (Linnaeus)Roth [Accession no: SUVA2616-2/2]
Polystichum aculeatum (Linnaeus)Roth [Accession no: SUVA2621-2/2]
Polystichum aculeatum (Linnaeus)Roth [Accession no: SUVA2615-2/3]
Polystichum aculeatum (Linnaeus)Roth [Accession no: SUVA2622]
Polystichum pilosum Copeland [Accession no: SUVA2613]
Pyrrosia adnascens (Swartz) Ching [Accession no: SUVA3121]
Pyrrosia adnascens (Swatrz) Ching [Accession no: SUVA3131]
Pyrrosia adnascens (Swatrz) Ching [Accession no: SUVA3129-1/2]
Pyrrosia adnascens (Swatrz)Ching [Accession no: SUVA3129-2/2]
Pyrrosia angustata (Sw.) Ching [Accession no: SUVA26559]
Selliguea feeoides Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3227-1/2]
Selliguea feeoides Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3227-2/2]
Selliguea feeoides Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3236]
Selliguea feeoides Copeland [Accession no: SUVA3237]

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