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Adiantum diaphanum Bl. [Accession no: SUVA1704]
Adiantum diaphanum Blume [Accession no: SUVA1697]
Adiantum diaphanum Blume [Accession no: SUVA1696]
Adiantum diaphanum Blume [Accession no: SUVA24964]
Adiantum diaphanum Blume [Accession no: SUVA24965]
Adiantum diaphanum Blume [Accession no: SUVA24966]
Adiantum hispidulum Swartz [Accession no: SUVA1712]
Adiantum hispidulum Swartz [Accession no: SUVA1708]
Adiantum hispidulum Swartz [Accession no: SUVA1710]
Adiantum hornei Baker [Accession no: SUVA1726-2/2]
Adiantum hornei Baker [Accession no: SUVA1731]
Coniogramme fraxinea (Don) Diels [Accession no: SUVA1795]
Coniogramme fraxinea (Don) Diels [Accession no: SUVA1796]
Dennstaedtia flaccida (Forster) Bernhardi [Accession no: SUVA1006]
Dennstaedtia flaccida (Forster) Bernhardi [Accession no: SUVA1005]
Dennstaedtia flaccida (Forster) Bernhardi [Accession no: SUVA1074-2/3]
Dennstaedtia flaccida (Forster) Bernhardi [Accession no: SUVA1074-3/3]
Dennstaedtia glabrata (Cesati) C.Christensen [Accession no: SUVA1004]
Histiopteris sinuata (Brackenridge) J. Smith [Accession no: SUVA1018]
Histiopteris sinuata (Brackenridge) J. Smith [Accession no: SUVA1084]
Histiopteris sinuata (Brackenridge) J. Smith [Accession no: SUVA1019]
Lindsaea ensifolia Swartz [Accession no: SUVA1112]
Lindsaea ensifolia Swartz [Accession no: SUVA1116]
Lindsaea ensifolia Swartz [Accession no: SUVA1121]
Lindsaea ensifolia Swartz [Accession no: SUVA1123]
Lindsaea harveyi Carruthers ex Seemann [Accession no: SUVA1137]
Lindsaea harveyi Carruthers ex Seemann [Accession no: SUVA1130]
Lindsaea harveyi Carruthers ex Seemann [Accession no: SUVA1128]
Lindsaea harveyi Carruthers ex Seemann [Accession no: SUVA1139-1/3]
Lindsaea harveyi Carruthers ex Seemann [Accession no: SUVA1139-2/3]
Lindsaea moorei (Hooker) Fournier [Accession no: SUVA8281]
Lindsaea moorei (Hooker) Fournier [Accession no: SUVA8282-1/2]
Lindsaea moorei (Hooker) Fournier [Accession no: SUVA8282-2/2]
Lindsaea pacifica Kramer [Accession no: SUVA1146]
Lindsaea pacifica Kramer [Accession no: SUVA1150-1/2]
Lindsaea pacifica Kramer [Accession no: SUVA1150-2/2]
Lindsaea pickeringii (Brackenridgee) Mettenius ex [Accession no: SUVA1166-1/2]
Lindsaea pickeringii (Brackenridgee) Mettenius ex [Accession no: SUVA1166-2/2]
Lindsaea pickeringii (Brackenridgee) Mettenius ex [Accession no: SUVA1164]
Lindsaea pickeringii (Brackenridgee) Mettenius ex [Accession no: SUVA1165]
Lindsaea rigida J.Smith [Accession no: SUVA1262]
Lindsaea rigida J.Smith [Accession no: SUVA1189]
Lindsaea tetragona Kramer [Accession no: SUVA1199]
Orthiopteris ferulacea (Moore) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA1042]
Orthiopteris ferulacea (Moore) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA1080]
Orthiopteris ferulacea (Moore) Copeland [Accession no: SUVA1081]
Orthiopteris tenuis (Brackenridge) Brownlie [Accession no: SUVA1061]
Orthiopteris tenuis (Brackenridge) Brownlie [Accession no: SUVA1063]
Orthiopteris tenuis (Brackenridge) Brownlie [Accession no: SUVA1075]
Orthiopteris tenuis (Brackenridge) Brownlie [Accession no: SUVA1078]
Orthiopteris tenuis (Brackenridge)Brownlie [Accession no: SUVA1059]
Orthiopteris tenuis (Brackenridge)Brownlie [Accession no: SUVA1056]
Orthiopteris tenuis (Brackenridge)Brownlie [Accession no: SUVA1057]
Pteris comans Forster [Accession no: SUVA1803-1/4]
Pteris comans Forster [Accession no: SUVA1803-3/4]
Pteris ensiformis Burmann [Accession no: SUVA1806-1/2]
Pteris ensiformis Burmann [Accession no: SUVA1806-2/2]
Pteris ensiformis Burmann [Accession no: SUVA1804-1/2]
Pteris ensiformis Burmann [Accession no: SUVA1804-2/2]
Pteris ensiformis Burmann [Accession no: SUVA1816-2/2]
Pteris ensiformis Burmann [Accession no: SUVA1811]
Pteris ensiformis Burmann [Accession no: SUVA1822-1/3]
Pteris ensiformis Burmann [Accession no: SUVA1822-2/3]
Pteris ensiformis Burmann [Accession no: SUVA1822-3/3]
Pteris ensiformis Burmann [Accession no: SUVA1809]
Pteris litoralis Rechinger [Accession no: SUVA1826-1/2]
Pteris litoralis Rechinger [Accession no: SUVA1826-2/2]
Pteris mertensoides Willdenow [Accession no: SUVA1824]
Pteris parhamii Brownlie [Accession no: SUVA1849]
Pteris parhamii Brownlie [Accession no: SUVA1854]
Pteris parhamii Brownlie sp.nov. [Accession no: SUVA1847-1/2]
Pteris parhamii Brownlie sp.nov. [Accession no: SUVA1847-2/2]
Pteris tripartitia Swartz [Accession no: SUVA1863]
Pteris tripartitia Swartz [Accession no: SUVA1868]
Pteris tripartitia Swartz [Accession no: SUVA1825]
Pteris vitiensis Baker [Accession no: SUVA1872-1/2]
Pteris vittata L. [Accession no: SUVA1877-2/3]
Pteris vittata L. [Accession no: SUVA1879-1/2]
Pteris vittata L. [Accession no: SUVA1879-2/2]
Pteris vittata Linnaeus [Accession no: SUVA1875]
Sphenomeris chinensis (Linnaeus) Maxon [Accession no: SUVA1221]
Sphenomeris chinensis (Linnaeus) Maxon [Accession no: SUVA1233]

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