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Note: An on-campus counselor at Emalus is not currently available. USP students and staff may access online counseling services here.

Counseling is:

  • Confidential and time-limited
  • About helping you cope with challenges or choices
  • About making decisions
  • About making changes in yourself and your life
  • About coping with strong or negative feelings

Counselor will:

  • Give information
  • Listen to you carefully
  • Deal with your difficulties from your point of view
  • Work out with you what you’re coming to counseling for
  • Offer you appointments for as long as you think counseling is needed

Counseling is not:

  • Compulsory
  • Something you have to do because someone else told you to
  • About coming for a social or casual visit
  • Only about problems that affect your academic/personal progress

Counselor will not:

  • Give you advice
  • Tell you what or what not to do but will help you reach your own decisions
  • Judge you
  • Mix with you socially
  • Discuss your problems with you outside of the Counselling Centre

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