Student Medical Care Scheme - Community Services

Student Medical Care Scheme

The features of the Student Medical Care Scheme at Emalus Campus are as follows.

  1. Members can consult the University medical staff at the Campus Dispensary free of charge regardless of the number of consultations during each semester.
  2. Members may be referred by the Dispensary Nurse to consult the University Doctors at their surgeries and pharmacy in town, or to the local hospital, free of charge.

  3. Members may be referred by the Dispensary Nurse to private specialists for treatment free of charge.

  4. The following costs are met by the scheme:

    • Local hospitalisation

    • Medications and/or treatment prescribed by the University Medical Staff or by Specialists to whom members have been duly referred

    • Dental and optical consultations/treatment available at public hospital or private specialists as prescribed by the University medical staff (this treatment does not include prescription and provision of dentures and/or spectacles)

  5. The non-student spouses of members are charged the same membership fee.

  6. Members' children who are under 18 years of age or are still attending secondary school are charged 50% of the membership fee. The maximum fee charged to any one family is not to exceed three times the annual membership fee.

  7. Members within Vanuatu are covered in the 1st semester from the date of registration to the end of the semester as specified in the University Calendar and from the beginning of Semester 2 to the end of that semester as specified in the University Calendar.

  8. Members from outside Vanuatu are covered from the date of arrival in the country immediately before registration until they return home at the end of Semester 2.

Membership is compulsory for all sponsored students but optional for DFL students.

The fee for students is VT8,000 per semester.

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