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Safety on Campus

Your safety and security are of prime concern at The University of the South Pacific. The Safety and Security Services Team work hard to ensure the campus is a safe place to live, learn, work and play. USP is not, however, exempt from crime. Campus Security Services does its part to prevent crimes as well as to be safe and secure. Common sense must prevail at all times, precautions taken at all times, be alert and look out for others. Maintaining an effective safe and secure environment is a community effort, and together we can ensure USP remains safe.


The University is an open campus and a sensible approach to personal safety is recommended.

One of the main problems faced on Campus are thefts of personal property, these thefts are not isolated to any one area but statistics show that the highest percentage of theft occurs in computer labs, library, student lockers and staff offices that are left unattended.

The Safety and Security Services Team will, with the participation of the University community, provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors within campus and protect University property against fraud, theft, vandalism and the interruption of university organised activities or programmes.

The University maintains a 24-hour 7-day a week Security presence on Campus available to assist with any Security problem or advice you may require.


  • Do not leave bags/purses unattended. When searching library reference material take your bag and valuables with you.
  • Ensure that you keep all personal property secured or in view at all times when working in labs or office areas.
  • Invest in a heavy duty 'D' lock and chain for your bicycle.
  • Ensure that you lock your office / work area when unattended and secure any valuables out of sight to any passer by.
  • Avoid walking alone at night. Travel with a friend whenever possible.
  • Always use well-illuminated walkways and routes at night.
  • Do not give access to anyone after-hours who cannot gain access with their own access card.
  • Report any unusual behaviour to Security - even the smallest incident.
  • Do not leave valuables visible in a parked vehicle.

Safety Tips
Protect yourself in Residential Halls/Staff Office:

  • Lock your door, even if you're only leaving for a minute.
  • Lock your door when you are sleeping, napping or leaving for an extended period of time.
  • Keep your USP Student Identification Card and room keys secured. Immediately report stolen or missing USP Student ID cards and keys to the Halls office and Student Academic Services.
  • Secure your valuables. Keep money, wallets, jewelry, handbags and other valuables out of sight.
  • Never admit strangers into your room or hall. When in doubt, request a USP ID.
  • Never prop open exterior doors.
  • Immediately report suspicious persons or activity to the campus police. Report any strangers loitering in or around residence halls.

Protect yourself when working or studying after normal business hours:

  • Never remain alone in isolated or unoccupied areas, including classrooms, libraries and other buildings. Notify Campus Security of your location and expected departure time.
  • Make sure all outside entrance doors are locked.
  • Keep your area locked. Don't let anyone else in the building.
  • Call for an escort if necessary.

The Security Desk phone system (32211) operates 24 hours a day.

Individual Responsibility
Every staff, student and visitor must bear an appropriate amount of individual responsibility for their own safety and security. To this end, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Report all crimes immediately. Prompt reporting may assist in apprehension, and prevention of future crimes.
  • Report all suspicious persons and circumstances. This may prevent a crime from occurring.
  • Lock your doors and windows, even if you'll only be gone "a little while." It doesn't take long for a thief to walk in, take what he wants and walk out unnoticed.
  • Don't prop open or try to defeat the security features of any exterior building doors. If you find such a door propped open, please close it. If it won't lock, please notify the nearest security officer or call security.
  • If you must walk across campus late at night, consider going with a friend or two. USP is one of the safest places, but that doesn't mean crimes never occur here. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security because of the peaceful surroundings.


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