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The Role of TVET in Pacific Secondary Schools New Visions, New Pathways

The Role of TVET in Pacific Secondary Schools New Visions, New Pathways is the seventh publication in the PRIDE Project’s Pacific Education Series. This book is the outcome of an important and highly successful workshop held in the Republic of Palau and attended by educators from 15 Pacific Island countries. The focus of the workshop was the role of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in the secondary school curriculum.

The workshop was run by the PRIDE Project in collaboration with the UNESCO International Centre for TVET (UNEVOC). The Director of UNEVOC, Dr Rupert Maclean, attended the workshop and gave three keynote addresses that challenged everyone’s thinking and opened up new options for the delivery of school-based TVET in the Pacific. His presentations are included as chapters in this book. They provide a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of international developments and directions.

The PRIDE Project also worked in close collaboration with two other regional organisations in planning and delivering the workshop: the Pacific Association of TVET and the Hawai‘i-based Pacific Resources for Education and Learning. The workshop included on-site case studies of TVET programmes in primary and secondary schools in Palau, as well as case studies of programmes in Fiji and Papua New Guinea. These are fully described in this book.

All participants engaged deeply with the ideas and issues raised. At least half of the workshop time was devoted to group work and reporting. The commitment of participants to generating new ideas and directions was impressive, and the outcomes of the group work were truly inspirational. They form the core of this book. In a very real sense, every workshop participant is an author of this book so, essentially, it is a book written by Pacific people for Pacific people. It is therefore highly relevant to the needs of Pacific students and the schools they attend. It should be an excellent resource for policy development and planning in Ministries of Education.

The book captures the key themes and ideas of the workshop. It deserves to be widely studied within the Pacific, leading the way forward to a more integrated approach to secondary schooling and beyond. The book is intended primarily for planners, policy-makers, school principals and teachers involved in the delivery of secondary education throughout the Pacific. Its vision is a new style of Pacific secondary schooling with a holistic curriculum, incorporating both the vocational and the academic, and deeply grounded in local values and wisdom.

The complete publication can be downloaded here.  Individual chapters downloads will be available shortly.

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