PHP/I&J Staff Union -  Permanent Hourly Paid Staff/ Intermediate and Junior Staff Union


You are invited to become a member of Permanent Hourly Paid Staff/ Intermediate and Junior staff union. Our union is affiliated to the Fiji Trades Union Congress and has been in existence since 1973 under the banner of Permanent hourly Paid Union. We acknowledge the pioneers of this Union for their great vision and hard work which gives the staff the confidence to join the Union. PHPS/I&JSU represent  Administrative and Technical staff of USP. We invite you to join us and do not be left out in the cold.


Our objectives:

  1. To safeguard and promote the Trade Union interests and the well being of its members.
  2. To become familiar with issues that affect your emplpyment.
  3. To make representation and conduct negotiation on behalf of its members.
  4. To maintain harmonious relationship with its competitor.
  5. To encourage the Cultural, social, educational and recreational welfare of the members and their families.
  6. Seek the opinion of our two sister Unions of USP to form a confederation of Unions.

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