Dr. Hugh Govan -  School of Government, Development and International Affairs (SGDIA)

Dr. Hugh Govan

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Hugh was born in Scotland, raised in Spain and has lived and worked in Solomon Islands, Central and South America, throughout the Pacific and has been settled in Fiji now for 13 years.   He advises the Locally Managed Marine Area Network in Asia and the Pacific which has refined and extended community-driven approaches to resource management from the Pacific into a global phenomenon.  He works free-lance on policy as well as practice from the community and sub-national level , particularly in Melanesia, to national and regional levels in the Island Pacific.  He is the second author of the regionís overarching ocean policy, the Framework for a Pacific Oceanscape and has been active reviewing institutional capacity for resource management, the links between policy and staff duties at the sub-national level, the state of play in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction and more recently, the potential for  Integrated Ocean Governance in this region.

For an updated list of Publications and Reports and click this link: Pulications and Reports: Hugh Govan 

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