Faculty of Arts, Law and Education

Faculty of Arts, Law and Education

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MOODLE is the Universities online delivery platform for courses which are available through the Distance and Flexible Learning (DFL) mode. Below is the list of all the Faculty of Arts and Law courses delivered through MOODLE for this semester (Semester II, 2010).



ED316: Science and Social Studies III

Vilimaka Foliaki

ED350: Curriculum Studies II

Vilimaka Foliaki

ED354: Assessing And Measuring Student Performance

Sala Bakalevu

ED401: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Bob Hogan, Gillian Lewis

ED454: Advanced Educational Measurement

Bob Hogan

ED457: Advanced Study Of Education In Small Island States

Katarina Tuinamuana

ED459: Advanced Educational Research

Unaisi Nabobo-Baba

ED492: Educational Planning In Third World Countries

Akhila Nand Sharma

EL001: English Language Skills

Siniva Laupepa

HY101: Pacific History

Chrisitne Weir

HY102: Contemporary World History

Chrisitne Weir

HY201: The Colonial Pacific

Chrisitne Weir

HY203: Themes In World History

Chrisitne Weir

HY304: Decolonisation in the Pacific

Chrisitne Weir

HY305: British Empire And Commonwealth

Chrisitne Weir

JN103: Media Law And Ethics

Shailendra Singh

JN301: International Journalism

Shailendra Singh

JN302: Journalism Research

Nash Sorairiba

LL108: Introduction To Children's Literature

Som Prakash

LL122: Introduction to Language Studies

Robert Early

LL162: Fijian Orature/Literature 1 - Umavosa Maroroi Vakaviti I

Apolonia Tamata

LL206: An Introduction to Dramatic Literature

Som Prakash

LL211: The Structure of English

Jacqueline Fa'anunu

LL272: Hindi Prose Fiction

Indu Chandra

LLF11: Communication and Study Skills

Sereanu Manu

LLF21: Communication and Language

Sereanu Manu

LLP13: Pre-Tertiary English

Sereanu Manu

LS102: Building The Library/Information Centre Collection

Pam Bidwell, Liviana Tabalala

LS104: Library/Information Centre Services

Pam Bidwell, Liviana Tabalala

LS210: The Information Environment Today

Pam Bidwell, Liviana Tabalala

LSC14: User Services - Circulation Library Activities

Pam Bidwell, Liviana Tabalala

LSC15: User Services - Information Services

Pam Bidwell, Liviana Tabalala

LW112: Legislation

Nilesh Bilimoria, Unaisi Narawa-Daurewa, Suruj Sharma, Lynda Tabuya

LW113: Courts And Dispute Resolution II

Unaisi Narawa-Daurewa, Kirsten Pavlovic

LW202: Contract Law II

Carolyn Penfold

LW204: Torts II

Paul Mae

LW206: Criminal Law and Procedure II

Sofia Shah

LW208: Administrative Law

Joseph Foukona

LW301: Property Law II

Don Paterson

LW303: Succession

Helen M…NARD

LW304: Legal drafting

Justin Rose

LW306: Legal Ethics

Peter Macfarlane

LW314: Special Topic US Jurisprudence

LW317/417: Health Law & Ethics

Helen M…NARD

LW334: Serious Financial Crime

Sofia Shah & Robert Sibley

LW340/440: Pacific Land Tenure

Joseph Foukona

LW341: Customary Law

Yolisaguyau Tom'tavala

LW368/468: Public International Law

Yolisaguyau Tom'tavala

LW390: Legal Research

Anita Jowitt

LW405: Graduate Legal Research Methods

Anita Jowitt

LW600: Masters in law (Minor Thesis)

Katarina Serrano

PA418: Knowing And Being In Oceania: Pacific Epistemology

Frank Thomas

PA419: Contemporary Issues In The Pacific - The Ocean

Frank Thomas

PL100: Introduction to Politics

Alumita Durutalo

PL400: Regional Diplomacy In The Pacific Islands

Sandra Tarte

PLF01: Issues in Pacific Politics

Susan Sela

PS101: Introduction To Psychology

Gaylene Osborne

PS102: Developmental Psychology

Gaylene Osborne & Tima Tuvuki

PS203: Research Methods in the Social Sciences II

Shazna Buksh

PS206: Social Psychology

Gaylene Osborne

PS305: Cross-Cultural Psychology

Shazna Buksh

PS310: Special Topic In Psychology

Gaylene Osoborne

PS402: Advanced Cross Cultural Psychology

Gaylene Osoborne

SO207: Families, Sexuality And Change: The Pacific & Beyond

Lynda Newland

SO304: Rel. & Politics In Contmp. Soc

Lynda Newland

SW101: Social Policy - An Introduction

Bruce Yeates

SW200: Fieldwork Practice I

Bruce Yeates

SW300: Fieldwork Practice II

Bruce Yeates

UU104: Pacific Worlds: Introduction To Pacific Studies

Crestania Koya

UU114: English for Academic Purposes

Rajni Chand


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