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USP MOOT COMMITTEE - 2016 Internal Moot Competition

The Moot Committee is pleased to announce the Moot Competition for 2016. The Moot competition available to 2nd, 3rd and 4th year law students. 1st year students can also be involved as judges' associates.

The USP Moot Competition is designed to provide an extra curricular learning experience for law students.  Taking part in a moot requires students to analyze legal issues, formulate arguments and deliver their arguments by means of effective oral advocacy. Although a spirit of competition is a necessary part of the competition, competitors are expected to maintain a sense of cooperation and good will towards fellow competitors and judges.
How the Competition Works

The competition is open to 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students.  Students will compete in teams of 3.  Competitors should organize themselves into teams and register for the competition as a team. In addition to the names of the students on a team, a team may register themselves under a “Firm Name” by which the team will be known as during the moot season.  

During each moot, all three or only two of the members of a team will make oral submissions.  The third team member if not making oral submissions is entitled to attend and sit at counsel table as instructing solicitor.  It is entirely up to the team members who will make oral submissions in any round.

Marks (out of 100) will be awarded to team members who make a submission.  The team score will be the average of the scores of the two team members who make submissions.  

The emphasis of the competition is on oral rather than written advocacy.  However, teams are required to prepare and exchange, in advance of each round, a written memorial of the oral submissions.  These memorials are structured outlines of the arguments to be made and a list of authorities in support of each argument. A format for this will be made available to competing teams.

There will be 4 regularly scheduled rounds of moots and a final.  The competition will begin with an introductory moot in the first week of August and is anticipated to end around first week of September with the finals.

Moot rounds will be scheduled to take place in the afternoons and early evening.  It is hoped that there will be a sufficient supply of judges to allow all teams in each round to compete simultaneously.

Unless there is a surplus of volunteer judges, moots will be judged by a single judge.  It is hoped that, as in the past, lawyers engaged in local practice will agree to act as judges for the rounds.  In addition staff members may also act as judges for the rounds. The top scoring teams will moot in the finals.

Although success at in this competition may be a factor in the selection of students who go on to apply for other moot teams including teams that compete in international competitions, it does not provide any automatic status to applicants.

Students who consider taking part in this competition should be mindful of the fact that this is a non credit activity.  Students who are taking (or are expecting to take) an overload of courses and students who need to spend extra time on credit course work should think carefully before registering.

Detailed rules for the competition will be emailed to each participant after a meeting of the Moot Committee with all participants on 4th of March at 3pm- 4pm in the Moot Court.


In the meeting on 4th of March at 3pm-4pm in the Moot Court,
there will be further explanation given on how the competition works and Moot Problem 1 will be handed out.

If you are interested in mooting this year, don't miss it! Register your Teams with Fane Rai at the School of Law Office.  Students should register their teams or firms by 2:00 pm Friday, 4th of March 2016.

What about first year students?

First year students are encouraged to apply to become judge’s associates. This is an important function and gives students a front row seat for the moots.  It involves far less time and preparation than is required of mooters.  Register at the meeting on Friday in the Moot Court, at the Law School Office or with the mooting coordinator by 2:00 pm Friday 4th of March 2016.

Sofia Shah
Moot Committee Chair

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