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Mooting, A vital training tool for Law Students - 2007 PAN Pacific Moot Competition

(Left to right) Bob Sibley, Ted Hill, Brian Opeksin, Ari Jenshel, Jenny Harders, Salvin Nand, Eunice Tui'tupou

The Pan Pacific Moot (formerly known as the South Pacific International Moot Competition) originated in 1994, when the first event took place. It started as a bilateral competition between the University of Papua New Guinea [UPNG] and Queensland University of Technology [QUT], organized jointly by Bob Sibley (then at the QUT Law School) and Ted Hill (then at UPNG Law School). A team of 4 from PNG traveled to Brisbane that year to compete in a friendly competition with a team of 4 from QUT.

Since the competition birth it has resisted the temptation to expand beyond 4 teams; however this year's event was an unfortunate one for UPNG due to   difficulties and logistics that forced them unable to participate. The three Law institutions that competed in this 14th Annual Moot event were the Waikato University of New Zealand, Queensland University of Technology and University of the South Pacific [USP]. The USP team was represented by 4 of our Law students. The Appellant's team was represented by Aleni Sofara and Madonna Fong whilst the Respondent team was represented by Salvin Nand and Eunice Tui'tupou. Both teams have shown a lot of enthusiasms throughout the 3-day event from day 1 right through to the final. The fictitious case of this event was well prepared by Ian Fraser, a Law lecturer at Emalus Campus. The problem was based on an act of negligence, against two parties, the first defendant being the Chief Charles of the Pacifica Police Force and the second defendant being Donald Paul, Director of Prisons of Pacifica. The plaintiff was the estate of Jenny Moon, whose death gave rise to the action. The details about the facts can be accessed through

The final round of the competition took place at Le Meridien ball room between QUT and USP on Saturday 22nd September 2007. Majority of the audience who attended the final round of the Moot Competition were staff and students of the Emalus community. The judges who took the bench during the final round were Brian Opeskin, Head of the School of Law, Ari Jenshel and Jenny Harders from the State Law Office. The competition came to an end around 4pm and was accompanied by feedback from the bench on the overall presentation of both teams. The three Judges gave positive comment on how well both teams took up the case, describing the transition of their arguments and how well the arguments were being presented, the judges also gave their point of view about such event and have seen the event to be an important tool that will enable the students' to build up their confidence whilst pursuing their Law studies.

An Island night feast was put together by the USP Emalus student's association to complement the award night of the 14th Annual PAN Pacific Moot Competition. The Sibley Hill Cup was awarded to the winning team from Queensland University of Technology and the runner up went to the Respondent team from USP. The "Sibley Hill Cup" was named after the two originators of the competition, Bob Sibley and Ted Hill. (see photo above)

The evening was serenaded away by the different cultural activities from Tonga, Fiji and Samoa. The moot teams including members from the Waikato team really enjoyed the night with kava, and the local delicacies prepared by the host. An enjoyable night indulged by the warm hospitality from the Emalus Community at the University of the South Pacific.

The next Moot Court Competition will take place at Waikato University of New Zealand in 2008

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