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Emalus Campus

The USP Emalus campus is located in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, on Efate Island. Throughout the campus you will find traditional tamtams among the beautiful and lush gardens. "Emalus" is a word in the dialect of Erakor village (the village neighbouring campus) meaning 'the place where it always rains'. It is a secure and friendly campus for local and overseas students. Port Vila itself is a popular tourist destination famous for its warm Melanesian hospitality. 

The Campus hosts between 900 and 1200 students per semester from the Pacific region, most of whom are studying law, and all over Vanuatu who are studying via Distance and Flexible Learning (DFL) mode. Students at the campus are studying certificate, diploma, degree or postgraduate level programmes using either face-to-face mode of study or the University of the South Pacific's unique  distance education programme. In addition to the distance education programme, the University of the South Pacific's teaching programmes at Emalus are in: Law, Pacific Languages, Economics, Science and Education. The campus also offers a varied Community and Continuing Education programme and has expanded its Francophone programme to cater to students who have dropped out of the French secondary schools throughout Vanuatu and are looking at continuing their studies at the tertiary level. 

In addition to the main campus based in Port Vila, USP also maintains sub-centres on the islands of Santo, Tanna and Malekula. 

The primary academic department on the Emalus campus is the Discipline of Law. The Law Discipline also has in place a scheme for visiting staff and there is a regular flow of overseas academics and other visitors. Courses offered include contract law, criminal law and procedure, international law and environmental law, among others. 

The other academic department present on campus is the Centre for Flexible & Distance Learning (CFDL) Section, which promotes and facilitates excellence in learning and teaching in all delivery modes amongst all University staff and students. The Student Learning Support (SLS) Section, the College of Foundation Studies (CFS) Section, the Discipline of Economics, and the Discipline of Education, which are all present at Emalus Campus, operate in conjunction with the CFDL Section to provide academic support to DFL students. 

The campus is supported by the Emalus Campus Library, the IT Services department, the Finance section, the Student Academic Support Services (SASS) office, the Campus Life section and the Property and Facilities Department.  

Many law students, who come to Vanuatu from all over the Pacific, reside in on-campus housing, located adjacent to the campus. The residences are served by a common dining hall and common service rooms such as laundry and television lounge. Some students prefer to rent and obtain private accommodation in town. The city shops and facilities are fewer than ten minutes away and accessible via the local bus service. 

Most students participate in the life of Port Vila in some way, such as by participation in sporting events, religious services or cultural activities. The presence of students from different South Pacific countries greatly enriches the campus environment. Our students often make reference to this integration of cultures and the benefits that come from being able to participate in activities from other South Pacific cultures. Being a student at the Emalus campus is thus a unique experience that adds to the formal learning environment. 

The Emalus campus library houses an extensive general collection to support students studying in distance mode. It is also the home of USPís main law collection, containing an array of regional and overseas material, including an excellent collection of Pacific law materials. The Library also subscribes to a number of electronic databases that provide access to a wide array of academic and research materials. Students can access these databases via library computers or in the computer laboratories. Library staff members are eager to assist students with enquiries related to any aspect of their research. 

There are a number of seminar rooms on campus together with a main lecture theatre and a conference room. These rooms are equipped with facilities for the delivery of electronic presentations. The pleasant grounds and quiet surroundings are conducive to study as well as to socializing.

To know more about the campus life at Emalus, please contact the campus life Officer:

Jeanette Tariwowai 

Campus Life Officer 

University of the South Pacific, Emalus Campus, PMB 9072, Port Vila, Vanuatu. 

(678) 22748  Ext 193  

Email: tariwowai_jn(at)vanuatu.usp.ac.fj

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