Distinguished Visitors

The School has an academic visitors programme. 

The Law School invites applications from academic visitors from anywhere in the world to come to Emalus for up to four months as "Distinguished Visitors". Applicants are particularly welcome from those having an interest in regional research or international research involving the South Pacific region. 

The Law School is able to provide such visitors with office space, full computing and library facilities and a congenial and relaxed atmosphere on a small, friendly campus. While the Law School is not able to help with travel or accommodation costs it will endeavour to assist visitors to find accommodation, and some reasonably priced, modest accommodation is available on the campus. It is hoped that visitors will be willing to give a public lecture during their stay, or a staff seminar. 

Visitors are also asked if they are willing to participate in teaching at undergraduate or post-graduate level and if this is the case there is the possibility of negotiating per diems or an honorarium payment.

Further details of the interests and expertise of particular staff, you can contact them through School Staff link. If you are interested in initiating discussions on consultancy matters please contact the Head of School,  Professor Eric Colvin.

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