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International Students

The Law discipline welcomes students from beyond the region of the University member states, especially for post-graduate study, on either the taught Master's degree or the thesis-based LLM. Doctoral research students are also welcome.

International students will find a warm and friendly welcome in Vanuatu. The Campus hosts between 900 and 1200 students per semester from the Pacific region, most of whom are studying law, and all over Vanuatu who are studying via Distance and Flexible Learning (DFL) mode. Students at the campus are studying certificate, diploma, degree or postgraduate level programmes using either face-to-face mode of study or the University of the South Pacific's unique distance education programme. In addition to the distance education programme,  the University of the South Pacific's teaching programmes at Emalus are also in: Law, Pacific Languages, Economics, Science and Education. The campus also offers a varied Community and Continuing Education programme and  has expanded its Francophone programme to cater to students who have dropped out of the French secondary schools throughout Vanuatu and are looking at continuing their studies at the tertiary level.

Studying in Vanuatu offers the international student a unique opportunity to experience at first hand not only the culture and traditions of Vanuatu but also those of wider region, as the student body represents over twelve Pacific island countries. The composition of staff is international, being drawn at present from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Fiji, Germany, the United States and Vanuatu.

Although Vanuatu is a small and fairly undeveloped Pacific island country, the campus is equipped with IT facilities and a library. USP subscribes to the major electronic legal databases. Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, is very small by international standards but most consumer goods are available in a limited range. There are some night clubs  and only one theatre or cinema.

If you are looking for the pleasures and pursuits of a large cosmopolitan city then Port Vila may not be the place for you. However, if you are interested in studying in a different cultural environment and are interested in learning more about the Pacific, its people and their way of life, then come to Vanuatu. The size of classes is small, especially at post-graduate level, the lecturers very approachable, the campus ambiance very positive and friendly and the experience one that you are unlikely to encounter anywhere else in the world.

To know more about the campus life at Emalus, please contact the campus life Officer:

Jeanette Tariwowai

Campus Life Officer |

University of the South Pacific, Emalus Campus, PMB 9072, Port Vila, Vanuatu. 

(678) 22748  Ext 193  

Email: tariwowai_jn(at)

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