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The Community Law Information Centre (“CLIC”) is funded and part of the Faculty of Law in Emalus Campus in the University of the South Pacific (“USP”). The CLIC is committed to translating the law and empowering members of the community with a better understanding of the law and the legal system. The service it provides aims to assist members of the community who cannot afford private legal advice or representation. The Centre is also a teaching clinic run by a Manager who is overseen by the Advisory Committee which consists of three (3) academics of the USP Discipline of Law.

CLIC is currently open 4 mornings a week during semester times. It is staffed by final year law students taking the law clinic course, working under the supervision of the Manager. Its client base is currently “drop in clients”, although in the past it did take referrals from the Public Solicitor’s Office.

The CLIC does not provide legal representation, but can assist clients to take their own cases to court. It also produces legal literacy material.

Currently the CLIC is receiving few clients, so there are no limits on who will be served. In the past, however, clients were means tested, and there were also limits on the types of matters that students would advise on. 

The CLIC aims to builds a greater link between the Faculty of Law and the legal profession, stakeholders and the Vanuatu Law Society. It should be seen as both a beneficial educational tool for the law students of USP and an important legal resource for members of the community. 

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For further information about the USP Community Law Information Centre, contact:

The Manager, 
The University of the South Pacific 
Community Law Information Centre
PMB 9072
Port Vila, Vanuatu
Tel: (678) 23520 (ext. 233)
Fax: (678) 27785

EMERGENCY CONTACT   :   Dr. Anita Jowitt, Emalus Campus.
                                           +678 23520 (ext. 221)

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