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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts community at the Oceania Center is made up of carvers, sculptors and painters.  These visual artists are given space to work and access to the equipment needed to create their works.  They have the opportunity to collaborate with each other and learn from each other in a non-formal setting.  While there are no formal visual arts classes offered at OCACPS, throughout the year the Oceania Centre runs a variety of visual arts workshops for resident artists and the wider visual arts community.

Sculptures by Filipe Tohi

Interaction between the performance arts and the visual arts is also encouraged.  The visual artists design and make backdrops and costumes for performances, perform as musicians and act as the backstage crew during major productions.

The Oceania Centre for Arts, Culture and Pacific Studies opened its own gallery space in August, 2011.  The Oceania Gallery will become the focus for Oceania Centre visual artists in the future.

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