Meet the Team and What we do - Payroll

Meet the Team

Location : Payroll Office

Payroll Team Leader: Shobhna Kiran
Email                    shobhna.kiran(at)
Phone                  (679) (32) 32807





Assistant Accountant : Maciu Raikoti
Email:                          raikoti_m(at)
Phone:                        (679) (32) 32369

Key Area:                     Processing Monthly Pay (MM)




Payroll Clerk :  Arti Shusil
Email               arti.shusil(at)
Phone             (679) (32) 32873

 Key Area:       Processing Hourly Pay (UF)


Payroll Assistant : Ranjita Nand
Email                   ranjita.nand(at)
Phone                 (679) (32) 32720

Key Area:            Processing I&J Pay (FN)



Payroll Clerk :  Shivanjani Karan
Email:               shivanjani.karan(at)
Phone:             (679) (32) 32585

Key Area: Processing Student Intern (NF)


What we do

There are five of us in the team. Our main aim, naturally, is to pay everyone correctly and on time. To that end we issue approximately 1,850 pay slips each year.

Our additional duties include:-

We don't however:-

Service Level Agreement

Core Objectives

To pay all members of staff correctly and in a timely manner. To provide a cost effective and professional service that allows the University to fulfill its statutory and contractual obligations both internally and externally.

Our Service
We will

Our Customers
Our main customers have been identified as:-

Individual members of staff
FNPF and Overseas Superannuation Administrators

Staff Associations
Auditors - Internal & External

We also deal with many departments on a regular basis particularly:-
Human Resources
Accounts Payable
As well as Heads of Department and budget holders

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