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Overtime and Public Holidays working rules

No overtime will be performed without the prior approval of the Dean of Faculty or Head of Section.

Overtime Rates

Monday to Friday
Where overtime work is continuous with the work performed on a normal working day, overtime will be payable at the rate of one and a half times the normal rate for the first three hours and double the normal rate thereafter. The minimum overtime payment will be for half an hour and any fraction over that will be taken to the next nearest half-hour.

One and half times the normal rate for the first three hours of overtime and double the normal rate thereafter with a minimum payment of three hours of overtime.

Double the normal rate for all overtime work performed on Sundays or gazetted public holidays with a minimum payment of 3 hours overtime.

Gazetted Public Holiday
Double time plus normal pay with a minimum payment of 3 hours overtime.

None of us like it, but unfortunately most of us have to pay it!
We have listed some frequently asked questions which you may find useful. Alternatively you can always contact Fiji Revenue & Customs Authority direct.


Under the present superannuation legislation in Fiji, all employees are required to become members of the Fiji National Provident Fund (staff are also permitted to join overseas pension schemes). The statutory contributions are 8% each from the employee and the employer, but the University will contribute 10% as employer contribution for monthly paid staff (senior staff), depending on the position and salary level offered.

Pay Dates and Cut-off Dates

Pay Dates
For monthly paid staff, pay day is the 24th day of the month. This will not apply on week-ends and public holidays when payment will be made the last working day before.                
For fortnightly paid staff, pay day is every second week on Wednesday.

FN Pay Schedules

Cut-off Dates
Please note, the cut-off dates are not the last date that can be included on your timesheet form. They are the last date that your timesheet needs to reach our office for processing. Please bear in mind that your head of department needs to sign your timesheet and get it over to us. Late claims will not be processed until the following pay period.

Monthly Pay - 15th of every month.

I&J - every second week on Friday at 4pm.

UF & NF - every second week on Wednesday at 4pm.

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