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EduLink Pacific Network of Island Universities: Mainstreaming Education for Sustainable Development – The Niu Project

This EDULINK project (the Network of Islands Universities (NIU) Project: ‘niu’ in most PICs’ languages means coconut, a most adapted and versatile tree in the region) is designed against this background. The project is a collaboration effort between three major Universities in the Pacific Island region – The University of the South Pacific (USP), University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) and the National University of Samoa (NUS), the Partners. The project will mainstream ESD principles and practices in the curriculum to produce graduates, especially postgraduate, who will have the capacity to address the SD challenges of the vast Pacific Island region. All three universities have extensive distance teaching capacity increasing their reach in the region and the partner universities have considerable experience in the Pacific learning environment. This joint collaboration parallel’s regional development challenges and the need for explicit recognition of the unique cultural, social and religious traditions, values and customs of the island communities.

Overall objective:

The overall objective of this proposal is to build the institutional capacity of the three NIU partner universities to mainstream and apply ESD in their curriculum in order to empower the multiple target groups to address education and sustainable development challenges of the Pacific Island region.

Specific objective(s):

  1. To enhance institutional capacities in Pacific universities by mainstreaming ESD through innovative networking,
  2. To introduce maximum flexibility into the delivery of courses by using multi-media and interactive e-learning approaches – ICT applications,
  3. To make universities more relevant to the communities those surround them,
  4. To enhance initiative & innovation through action research for sustainable development.

Expected Outputs and results:

  1. Strengthened and strategic management /admin arrangements in high education institutes (HEIs) for ESD promotion,
  2. New and re-oriented Courses and Programs which incorporate the latest ESD/SD research findings,
  3. Several resource materials suitable for use by a cross section of the community,
  4. New and value added networks and Programs for non-formal and informal ESD promotion,
  5.  And in the long-term, quality education that is relevant to the needs of the labor market, and consistent with the socio-economic priorities of the regional ACP countries.

For more information email the Director of PACE-SD, Prof Murari Lal


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