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Creating Signatures in Outlook mail

A signature is a small fragment of text, which Outlook will automatically add to the end of messages you send. Usually the information you present in your signature will include things like your full name, email address, postal address and phone/fax number.

To create or edit signature file

  1. Click on Tools menu
  2. Select Options

  3. Click on Mail Format

  4. In the Message Format change this to Plain Text and click on Signature Picker

  5. In the Create New Signature dialogue box type in a name for your new signature, making sure that the Start with a blank signature is selected.

  6. With the new dialogue box that appears type in the relevant information for your signature. Once completed click on the Finish button.

  7. If done correctly your screen should look something like the one pictured below.

  8. Once all is done, every Outgoing Message that is sent will have the Signature that you created.


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