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Credit Transfer

What is a credit transfer?
A credit transfer is a USP course awarded to a student on the basis of a pass in the same or equivalent course in a completed USP qualification, or at another recognised tertiary institution. The credit transfer awarded may be a specific course or an unspecified course at a particular level.The following are the regulations extracted from the USP Calendar, and procedures for applying for credit transfers.

When are credit transfers awarded?
Credit Transfers are only awarded for USP courses if a student has completed a qualification. For example, if a student completes a Diploma in Management the courses completed will be credited to a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Management. The courses will appear twice on the student’s transcript. The course and grade will appear first under the diploma, and again under the degree. The entry under the degree program will show a “T” grade which indicates that it is a credit transfer.

If however, a student does not complete and graduate from the diploma before commencing in the degree program, the courses will be “tagged” to the degree program. So the course and the grade will appear only once under the degree.
Applications for credit transfer are processed by Student Administrative Services (SAS), but Schools and Departments provide assistance at the request of SAS to determine particular applications.

What are the criteria for the award of credit transfers?
The criteria for the award of credit transfer are as follows:

A) Where the examinations passed or credits gained elsewhere or at USP for another program substantially correspond with, or are equivalent to, courses in a program of study in which the student is enrolled at USP, specified credits may be awarded.

B) Where examinations passed or credits gained elsewhere or for another program of study at USP do not correspond with, but are relevant to, courses in a program of study in which a student is enrolled at USP, a limited number of unspecified credit transfer may be awarded depending on the structure of the program of study concerned.

The following restrictions apply in awarding of credit transfer:
A) Normally not more than 50% of the courses in the new program may be credited, except where internal programmes have been approved by the Senate to stair-case from a lower to a higher programme.

B) No course may be credited towards vocational requirements in a programme if the course does not have appropriate practical training elements.

C) Courses may be credited only once, except:

     i) where a course is part of an internal programme that has been approved by the Senate to stair-case to a higher programme where
        the course is also required; or

     ii) where they are non-USP courses which are credit transfers to required courses for a USP program, they may be credit transfers again
         for a higher USP program in the same discipline if they are required courses for that higher programme.

The procedures for applying for credit transfers depend on where the course was completed. There are three different types of applications: those from students that have completed a USP qualification, those from regional institutions that have formal credit agreements with USP and those from other institutions.

USP Qualifications
To apply for credit transfer for courses that you have passed after you are awarded a USP qualification, you need only submit the Application for Credit Transfer form to SAS. Any direct credit (where the course completed is the same as the course required for the new program) will be approved by SAS.

Where an application has been made and the course to be credited is different, but may be considered equivalent, the application will be referred to the School or Department for approval.

Approved Credit Transfer
The USP Calendar outlines the credit transfer from regional institutions that have been approved by the USP Senate. Students that have completed programs at these institutions are required to provide with their credit transfer application a certified copy of their academic transcript and a certified copy of their graduation certificate.

Students who have completed the requirements of a program at one of these institutions, but are yet to graduate must provide certified copies of their transcript and completion letter. They will be sent a letter confirming which credit transfers will be awarded on completion. After graduation a certified copy of the graduation certificate must be provided to SAS and the credits will be formally approved and entered onto the system.

Other Credit Transfers
Credit Transfers may also be awarded to students that have completed studies at a regional institution that does not have formal credit arrangements with USP, or from a non-regional institution. In addition to certified copies of transcripts and completion certificates, these students must also supply copies of their course prescriptions certified by the institution.

Course descriptions are the descriptions of the content of each course undertaken. They usually include a description of the course, the required textbook and the contact hours.

All queries regarding credits transfers should be directed to Student Academic Services at your local campus or to the Student Services Centre at Laucala Campus. You may seek advice from your School or Department as to what credits you are likely to be awarded but in order for the credit transfers to be registered on your student record you must submit all documentation with your application form to SAS.

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