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The IOE has created, published and distributed children’s books and educational resources in over 8 Pacific languages since the Institute’s establishment in 1976. 

Since 2013 IOE has been working to revive and reinvigorate the Waka Story Books collection, and IOE’s wider range of other publications.

IOE is committed to supporting local Pacific artists and writers, and to building knowledge and skills in the use of Waka Books for maximum educational benefit by schools, communities, and families.

The IOE’s Waka Publications programme enters an exciting new stage of its development this year as we gear up to establish the Waka Learning Hub for literacy and numeracy, in response to the Pacific Regional Educational Framework (PacREF)’s roadmap for educational development in the region.  The Waka Learning Hub aims to support a Pacific-wide cadre of primary school teachers with a high level of competence in literacy and numeracy. This support will take the form of (1) books and resources for teaching and learning, (2) research findings, and (3) professional learning materials and resources relating to literacy and numeracy. These will all be made available to teachers and educators across the Pacific via an online portal and through our IOE offices in the region. Keep an eye out for updates on this, and feel free to send in your wish-list of the kinds of literacy and numeracy resources you’d like to see made available on the Hub.

In the meantime, our team continues to work on developing a number of book and literacy support resources for children and teachers of the Pacific. Currently we are working on:

·      2 storybooks in Tongan language

·      5 non-fiction books in English on topics including fossil fuels and renewable energy

·      2 bilingual posters

·      Digitally re-mastering, re-formatting, and editing 11 classic Waka Story Books in English, Tokelauan, Nauruan, Kiribati, Fijian, Solomon Islands Pijin, and Bislama languages

·      A collaborative project with the Tonga Ministry of Education and Training’s Inclusive Education team and funded by the Australian High Commission’s Direct Aid Programme (DAP) to produce Tongan language alphabet flashcards specially designed for use in Inclusive Education (large size, raised graphic print), with accompanying teacher notes developed by IE specialists.

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