Setting mail filters on Pegasus Mail

For spam mails that arrive in your mailbox and are marked as ***SPAM*** you can use the mail filtering capabilities in Pegasus mail to manage them effectively.

You can create your rules based on a number of criteria such as:

  • matching on text in standard message headers
  • matching on regular expressions
  • matching messages by date and age

For SPAM messages that you receive it is advisable to move them to a folder which you could name as Junk and review them later to pick out your genuine messages.  Do not delete them, as you may risk losing some of genuine messages.  To ensure that geuine messages are not marked in future, report it to spam.informer(at) by forwarding a copy of the message.

To enable the mail filter on Pegasus Mail, do the following:
1. Go to the Tools menu, select Mail filtering rules.
2. Select Edit new mail filtering rules.

3.  Click on Add rule
4.  Click on Rules applied when folder is opened
5.  Click Headers
6.  To filter mails from a particular sender, select the From option and specify the email address of the sender in the "Contains this text" line.  Select the appropriate action in the Action line.  If you wish to discard mails from that sender select Delete.

7.  To filter spam marked messages, select Subject and in the "Contains this text" line, type ***SPAM*** (note there are 3 astericks)

8.  Select Exact match
9.  Under "Action" option, click on the down arrow and select the Move option from the list.
10.  Click on Set.. to select the destination folder.
11.  Select New.. to create a new folder for this spam messages.  Type the folder name as Junk

11.  Click on OK to activate the new rule.


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