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Dr. Hugh Govan

Adjunct Senior Fellow.

Hugh was born in Scotland, raised in Spain and has lived and worked in Solomon Islands, Central and South America, throughout the Pacific and has been settled in Fiji now for 13 years.   He advises the Locally Managed Marine Area Network in Asia and the Pacific which has refined and extended community-driven approaches to resource management from the Pacific into a global phenomenon.  He works free-lance on policy as well as practice from the community and sub-national level , particularly in Melanesia, to national and regional levels in the Island Pacific.  He is the second author of the region’s overarching ocean policy, the Framework for a Pacific Oceanscape and has been active reviewing institutional capacity for resource management, the links between policy and staff duties at the sub-national level, the state of play in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction and more recently, the potential for  Integrated Ocean Governance in this region.






Selected Publications

Rohe, J.R., Govan, H., Schlüter, A. and Ferse, S.C., 2019. A legal pluralism perspective on coastal fisheries governance in two Pacific Island countries. Marine Policy, 100, pp.90-97.

Govan. H. 2018. Coastal fisheries policies: Linkages between Pacific Island and Global Policies. FAO Voluntary Guidelines for Small-scale Fisheries. Report to SPC and FAO. FAO subregional office, Apia, Samoa.

¨Govan, H. 2018. Guidance for the Development of New Ireland Provincial Fisheries Policies.  White paper for New Ireland Provincial Administration, PNG. Report commissioned by WCS, Suva, Fiji.

Lee, S., Govan, H., Wolff, M. and Purcell, S., 2018. Economic and other benefits of enforcing size limits in Melanesian sea cucumber fisheries. SPC Fisheries Newsletter #155 - January–April 2018.

Smallhorn-West, P. and Govan, H., 2018. Towards reducing misrepresentation of national achievements in marine protected area targets. Marine Policy. 2018 Jun 7.

Govan, H. 2018. From Locally Managed Marine Areas to Indigenous and Community Conserved Oceans. University of the South Pacific (USP). School of Government, Development and International Affairs (SGDIA). Working Paper Number 3. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.28052.19847 

Govan H. 2018. A review of sea cucumber fisheries and management in Melanesia. SPC Fisheries Newsletter #154 - September–December 2017. Pp31-42.  DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.34763.08483

Govan, H., Hopa, D., Wapot, S., Masu, R. 2018.  Melanesian Spearhead Group of countries addresses sea cucumber fisheries management. SPC Fisheries Newsletter #154 - September–December 2017. Pp19-21.  DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.21341.31209

Johnson, J.E., H. Govan, et al. (2018) Effects of Climate Change on Fish and Shellfish Relevant to Pacific Islands, and the Coastal Fisheries they Support. Pacific Marine Climate Change Report Card. Science Review 2018: pp 74-98

Davis, R., D. Gourlie, H. Govan, J. Marshman, Q. Hanich, 2017. Legislating for A New Song: Ensuring effective and up-to-date coastal fisheries laws in the Pacific Region. SPC Fisheries Newsletter #153 - May–August 2017.

Gourlie, D., R. Davis, H. Govan, J. Marshman, Q. Hanich, 2017. Performing “A New Song”: Suggested Considerations for Drafting Effective Coastal Fisheries Legislation Under Climate Change, Marine Policy, Available online 5 August 2017, ISSN 0308-597X,

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Govan, H. 2017, ‘Ocean Governance – Our Sea of Islands’ in Katafono, R. (ed.), A Sustainable Future for Small States: Pacific 2050, Commonwealth Secretariat, London. ISBN (paperback): 978-1-84929-163-7 / (e-book): 978-1-84859-957-4


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