Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Office of the Vice-Chancellor

SMT Members

Vice-Chancellor and President

Professor Pal Ahluwalia, BA MA Sask., PhD Flin.
Phone: (679) 323 2056
Fax: (679) 323 1550
Email: pal.ahluwalia(at)



Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Professor Richard Coll, BSc, PhD  Canterbury, ScEdD  Curtin
Phone: (679) 323 2053
Fax: (679) 323 1502
Email:  richard.coll(at)



Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Innovation & International)

Professor Derrick Armstrong, BPhil  Lond, MEd, PhD  Lanc
Phone: (679) 3232247
Fax: (679) 3231504
Email:  derrick.armstrong(at) 



Vice-President (Regional Campuses, Estates & Infrastructure)

Dr Giulio Masasso Tu’ikolongahau Paunga, BA Wesleyan,MA, PhD Daito Bunka
Phone: (679) 3231684
Email:  giulio.paunga(at)



(Acting) Vice-President (Planning, Quality, USP Commercial and Institutional Research and Data)

Dr. Anjeela Jokhan, BSc PGDip MSc S.Pac., PhD Brist.
Phone: (679) 3232567
Email: anjeela.jokhan(at)



Executive Director of Finance

Mr Kolinio Boila, BA, MBA S.Pac 
Phone: (679) 3232116
Email:  kolinio.boila(at)



Dean, Faculty of Arts, Law and Education

Dr Akanisi Kedrayate, MEd Glas., PhD NE
Phone: (679) 3232256
Fax: (679) 3231552
Email: kedrayate_a(at)



(Acting) Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics

Professor Arvind Patel, BA S.Pac, MCom NSW, PhD Qld
Phone: (679) 3232703
Email:  arvind.patel(at) 



(Acting) Dean, Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment

Dr Bibhya Sharma, BSc PGDip MSc PhD S.Pac.
Phone: (679) 3232567
Fax: (679) 323 1416
Email: bibhya.sharma(at)


SMT Decisions

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