Enhanced Security Feature on USP Wireless Network Access (Wi-Fi) Services

Wireless Connectivity Requirements

Approved Antivirus Applications
  1. McAfee
  2. Eset
  3. AVG
  4. BitDefender
  5. Kaspersky
  6. Avast
  7. SOFOS
Approved Operating Systems
  1. Microsoft Windows 10
  2. Microsoft Windows  11
  3. IOS/Android
  4. MacOS

Note:Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 7 Operating Systems will not be supported

Connectivity Baseline
  1. Approved Operating Systems
  2. An approved antivirus installed
  3. Approved Operating Systems are updated
  4. Computer is including the wireless adaptor
  1. Students & staff can contact the USP Contact Centre via email on contactus@usp.ac.fj or call on +679 3232117
  2. Students & Staff can drop in at the USP Service Centre for support
  3. Student Self Service:
    1. USP will provide a base installation package and an installation guide to reinstall student devices that do not meet the requirements for wireless connectivity
      • Support will be in the form of a computer image that will need to be copied onto your thumb drive for your installation works
    2. If required, students are encouraged to visit their nearest computer shop for further assistance
USP Chat Service
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