Last Updated: June 28, 2005
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The Impact of ICT on Rural Development in Solomon Islands: the PFnet Case

The "The Impact of ICT on Rural Development in Solomon Islands: the PFnet (People First Network) Case" research was funded by the ICT Research Grant to examine the impact of Internet on lives of poor grass root rural people in the Solomon Islands.

The research findings on impact of Internet on the lives of the poor grass root rural people include the following:

  • PFNet has assisted in reducing the 'digital divide'.
  • PFNet has helped farmers to contact relevant agricultural authorities and NGOs to get information and advice on farming matters.
  • Rural businesspeople use PFNet services to develop business customer contracts in Honiara and other towns and carry out many other business related activities.
  • Education was the second major reason (36%) for using PFNet services.
  • Around 6% of people use PFNet's services for health related issues. The main users are doctors, nurses, and health workers who email regarding, medical results, diagnosis, treatment advice, etc.
  • PFNet news service has contributed towards security, peace building and reconciliation by reducing the number of false rumours and misinformation.

The report is in final stages and hopes to be published by end of May 2005.