Moodle Course Information for Students

Dear Students,

Please note:

  1. Once your offer letter or IT Helpdesk-issued password is working, you must log in to at least once to enable your account. The username format for Moodle is, where SXXXXXXXX represents your Student ID Number. The same logon format applies to Student Mail at
  2. At least 1 or more courses must be approved in Student SOLS before you can access Moodle and Student Mail.
  3. Moodle Courses enrolled and approved in Student SOLS may not appear in until at least Sunday 12 February 2023 at 11:59 PM. Should your Moodle courses be unavailable beyond this date, please email your Student ID, Full Name, and Course Codes Missing (e.g. AF101) to
  4. For Student SOLS at the username format is SXXXXXXXX or your Student ID Number.